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UK UT2004 SE Online Suppliers ?

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      Originally posted by GuntiNDDS
      Can't see the SE on there!


        Cute puupy.


          I didn't think that Atari Europe had decided on whether there would be an SE version in Europe.

          Take a look at the first page on this thread - PR_Flak says that Europe not decided yet (about a third of the way down).

          Have we had this announcement yet???


            Oops! Just found the annoucement later in the same thread - this thread is so large I get that far the first time I read it

            That will learn me


              what page on that thread its 11 pages!...

              What does it say?... are UK people going to get their hands on the SE?


                Sorry, forgot to mention.

                Yes, UK (and the rest of europe) will get the SE version . The rebate will also be £7.50 if you already own UT2K3.

                I can't be arsed to read through again to find the page number, but it was either 8 or 9 (I think)

                *edit* Look half way down page 9. PR_Flak posted the info.


                  Originally posted by [FSB]Med
                  Thanks Ichi, didnt have it the last time I checked.

                  Matilda is her name - Tilly is nice :up:

                  I like Jack Russells, females. They have a better temprament. Also bought a JR to play with my Mums JR, "Henry", "Penny" See black Lab in pics, tends to beat him up a bit. "Penny" is very gentle though, only 1.5 years old.

                  And for those who like my new babe - heres some more pics

                  All say Awwww!!!!

                  Awww How sweet!!!

                  On the bottom pic is tilly ripping the black dogs ere of?

                  OWNED!!!!!.................................(Thats Penny, very gentle)


                  This was'nt just a show my new pup off thread, I really do want to know UK SE suppliers. But Tilly IS cute


                    Originally posted by knowley
                    What does it say?... are UK people going to get their hands on the SE?
                    Short answer, Yes.

                    However it seems no-one can find a UK retailer that currently intends to stock (or pre-order) the Special Edition. Hence this thread.

                    I personally think its because the UK press release statement did not give an RRP (The US one did). Retailers probably don't want to guess the price.


                      yeah looks like it.

                      Thanks FLakMagnet and Ubertek :up: