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Why the Unreal series rule FPS

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    Originally posted by poobeard
    I'm thinking now is the time to get Unreal2 too.
    hehe, you would be better of with Unreal 1. Cheaper and waaaaaay more fun to play. 99% of the people here will agree with me.


      Re: Why the Unreal series rule FPS

      Originally posted by poobeard
      UT and 2k3 are the only FPS I've played on PC, so how do they compare to other FPS?
      The UT series took the next step in FPS gameplay :up:


        Since UT2k3 has come out that's been the standard by which other games can be compared for the last year. None of the other games listed on Gamespy's stat page have better graphics or features. Halo could have been the next best thing, but we see how horribly it runs and the graphics are substandard compared to UT2k3 anyways.


          graphics aren't that important to me at all. i like the ut2k3 graphics, but gameplay is way more important to me. that's why halo sucked so hard, the gameplay was horrible, not to mention the netcode and graphics. but that's why i love q3 and ut, the gameplay in those games were great. not just fun, but well balanced and very skill oriented.

          and yes, the quake engines (especially q3) are truely amazing works of art. i can't imagine what the d3 engine is gonna be like.


            Originally posted by nightstormer
            There have been alot of Q3A engine games, some of them have been pretty popular.
            absolutely. i in NO WAY mean to diminish the role and importance of the quake/doom series. they have DEFINED the genre... offline and online.

            but that doesnt mean they continue to define anything (although ET could be one of the more under-appreciated products on the horizon).


              Originally posted by 191

              Unreal > great single player FPS

              If you have the IQ of forrest gump, then yes.


                UT/UT2003 - Very fast, less laggy then most FPS, and cool weopons, instant respawn

                BF1942 - Slower, made vehicles cool, slow respawn (varies), group effort, very fun.