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Epic: ECE Vehicles "Bugs" and Nit-Picking

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    Epic: ECE Vehicles "Bugs" and Nit-Picking

    I made a list of all the things that annoyed me about the new vehicles, so I decided to post it here. Something that Zentak said:
    "This thread is not a place for :
    Help requests"
    And here we go:

    The SPMA:
    - Occasionally the wheels keep rotating after I leave the spama.
    - The spama's explosion effects are 2D. . Make it look like a real explosion. (Make a 3d version of the mushroom explosion or a bigger version of the rocket launcher's one)
    - It's too silent. It's a vehicle, not a rogue assassin.
    - I don't like when you replicate other vehicles' weapons, so I thought about a way you can make it not completely identical. Make the spama's shockballs have teamcolors. (Like you did with the Manta and Raptor's plasma casters).
    - Either the spama is too light or turning too fast to the sides. Balance it.
    - The spama's reticle movement is too rough. Either make it smoother, or make it mouse controlled.
    - The spama's "bipping" when you turn to the sides is irritating. It can suit for reverse, but make it sound like a decent truck when it's driving.
    - I remember when seeing the IGN video previews the spama's firing effect looked much better, like a fiery explosion. Now it looks like a plain cloud of smoke. I don't know about others, but I play with Very High settings when it says "HOLY ****!" and I'd like too see this effect in very high settings.

    The Paladin:
    - The Paladin seems to have a constant speed. Whether it's going up a hill or going down a slope its speed stays the same.
    - It's slow. I'd prefer any other vehicle over it to move from place to place.
    - Maybe it's only me, but it seems that in certain occasions, the paladin's textures don't recieve lighting so well.
    - It may be intentional, but I have to click the alt-mouse several times after I shoot before the shield activates, even if I didn't use it before. ( ... :noob: )
    - The paladin's projectile seems to have some black orb in it. It's ugly and it doesn't match. Make it bright purple, like an energy shock thingy.
    - Like the SPMA, You can hardly hear it. Somebody can actually sit in it, without me noticing he's even there.
    - The firing effect is a bit small. Make it look bigger, or make it look like the goliath's with plasma clouds all over hehe. Like whoa, it's a tank, DUH.
    - I liked how the shield looked in the IGN clips better. It had purple lightning-form plasma moving from side to side. Again, at least in very high settings.
    - The camera is posed too close to the Paladin, I always have to scroll-out.

    The Cicada:
    - The Cicada's rocket-firing sounds like a lame shotgun. Yeah, a plane, rockets, weeeeeeee.
    - Like the Paladin, the camera is posed too close.
    - I found myself hiting the direction keys several times till they actually responded, especially the side ones. Please make the Cicada move normally like the Raptor does, but slower to balance it out.
    - The Cicada's sounds were better in the IGN clips (movement sounds, rockets , and lasers sounds). You shouldn't have released those clips, .
    - When I target the Cicada with the AVRiL, the crosshair activates only if I aim to the center of it. (The belly turret).

    That's all for now. I may add more suggestions marked with asteriks, if I happen to find anymore "bugs" (:noob: ).
    If somethig was misunderstood due to my poor English, please let me know.

    Thanks for reading,

    Why constantly Repost this information? :weird:


      Originally posted by Darkus
      Why constantly Repost this information? :weird:
      I'm an attention freak. And, PLEASE, read before you post. Thx :up:


        90% of that is just your preferance. Most of the things you said are things designed to keep it balanced.


          - It's slow. I'd prefer any other vehicle over it to move from place to place.
          Did you know that vehicles are used for support/combat and NOT for your personal transportation?


            Bugs? don't think so. Nitpicking..... definitely ^^


              use the mouse wheel to move the camera


                Originally posted by VenomZER0
                90% of that is just your preferance. Most of the things you said are things designed to keep it balanced.
                I agree.

                Epic have to 'make it look like a real explosion' as much as they have to wipe your backside.

                Aside from the straight-forward SPMA camera bugs, the Cicada magically warping through terrain and the gunning position looking into Wonderland when the vehicle is at rest, there is nothing that needs changing.


                  "- The Paladin seems to have a constant speed."

                  gotta disagree wiv that 1, i played redplanet wiv the bonus vehicles 2day and the paladin really slowed down goin up 1 of the many hills on that map


                    someone else pointed out a bug and/or feature (depending on how you look at it) in the cicada...

                    if you're alone in the cicada, go as high as you can in the sky to the point where you're about to drop back again, and switch to the gunner seat.

                    the cicada will stay there, where most weapons can reach you, and you can fire the :up: LA-ZERS:up: back at your enemies


                      Is the Paladin expected to accelerate into terminal velocity?

                      If you have ever been fighting an enemy Paladin, you know how hard they are you kill with an experienced driver. The only method I found is to pound the force field untill it fails, without having a teammate behind them.

                      The old "fire the AVRiL in the air and lock-on when it has cleared the shield" doesnt work against a good driver. They will simply aim the shield in the direction of the AVRiL.

                      My only wish is that the Paladin could seat more than one player across the battlefield. The game needs a personnel carrier I think. No need for extra weapons, passengers will just idle untill the vehicle reaches their desired destination or deploy and defend the vehicle on-foot.


                        VenomZERO: Most of it is my preference, and whether it can contribute to the game or not I'll let Epic decide.

                        Yourself: Don't forget to put [sarc][/sarc]. It just happened so many times that my node wasn't attacked and I found the Paladin useless. I'm a noob, but walking is faster!

                        [NBS]Flak: "Bugs" in quotation marks.

                        pbze: I don't want to imagine how slow it was. :bulb:

                        Shizna: The Paladin is extremely useful, when the enemy comes to you.


                          Originally posted by Darkus
                          Why constantly Repost this information? :weird:

                          cause he is right in all his points - thats why.
                          this can't be the final version of the new vehicles, they are way under the "official" epic quality.



                            ''spama's explosion effects are 2D''

                            ALL explosions effects are 2D
                            but SPMA's explosions are the only one thet are not directional to the players view

                            I disagree with many thing you said

                            here is a pic to try to explain


                              Originally posted by Nuclear hazard
                              ALL explosions effects are 2D
                              Maybe for Doom2. I'm sure UT2004 has many that are 3D. If not 3D then at least they tired on those effects to make them look it.