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any way to call a specific weapon from a key

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    any way to call a specific weapon from a key

    For example, AVRiL is bound to 8, but so is rocket.
    Any way to get AVRiL every time I press a key or mouse button?

    key=getweapon Onslaught.ONSAvril





        Open console (press ~) and type:

        set input X getweapon Onslaught.ONSAVRiL

        Replace X with whatever key you want - if it's not a letter or a number, it may have a different name to what you see on top of the actual key.


          weird, I thought I had tried that. I assume the name for all the other weapons are the same as in the "summon" commands in the command line?


            what are the names for each weapon so i can bind them? I specificly want the sniper rifle, lightning gun, shockrifle, translocator and the translocator camera view. Thanks.


              Originally posted by foxmccloud
              what are the names for each weapon so i can bind them? I specificly want the sniper rifle, lightning gun, shockrifle, translocator and the translocator camera view. Thanks.
              SwitchWeapon 10

              In order. Note that the xloc camera isn't a bindable function, its just the xloc key again, and also the shock and xloc don't have to be binded by name, just SwitchWeapon 4 and SwitchWeapon 10 respectively.


                it's in here somewhere

                meh purformans tweks:

                Fortunately, you can turn down many special effects and not miss them, because they add very little aesthetically in light of the huge performance hits they bring. Try the following setup:

                Texture Detail Normal
                Character Detail Normal
                World Detail Normal
                Physics Detail Normal
                Dynamic Mesh LOD Normal
                Decal Stay [doesn't matter]
                Character Shadows None
                Decals Off
                Dynamic Lighting Off
                Detail Textures Off
                Coronas Off
                Trilinear Filtering Off
                Projectors Off
                Foliage Off
                Weather Effects Off
                Fog Distance Maximum

                Video resolution has minimal impact on performance. I actually get higher frame rates at 1280×1024 than 1024×768 with my old 9700 Pro. Likewise, the detail levels haven't much impact. But the special effects--from Character Shadows down to Weather Effects--have enormous impact on systems just one year old.

                Another important thing: Check your refresh rate. Your video drivers default to 60 on installation. But this is too low. Right-click on your desktop, select Properties, click on the Settings tab, then on the Advanced button. Find the refresh rate and make sure it is at least 85Hz.

                Now use Windows Notepad to open UT2004.INI in the UT2004\System folder. Press Ctrl-F to search for refreshrate and you will find DesiredRefreshRate=60. There are two places where you need to change that 60 to 85, or whatever you set the monitor at.

                Having these numbers match up in your video settings and in the game makes for much smoother performance.

                Kick your video card in the ***:

                • right-click on your desktop
                • select Properties
                • click on the Settings tab
                • click on the Advanced button
                • click on the 3D tab
                • for Direct3D, move the quality slider all the way to the left (maximum performance)
                • click the OK button
                • click the other OK button

                This downgrades textures slightly for faster performance. You'll be hard pressed to spot the difference, anyway. Please be sure you're not using Anisotropic Filtering or Antialiasing while you have the video card controls open.

                Now kick your mouse in the ***:

                • click on Start
                • click on Control Panel
                • click on Printers and Other Hardware
                • click on Mouse

                Now you need to help me out, because I don't know what kind of mouse you have. I will assume it's an optical mouse. If not, go get one. You want to turn off mouse acceleration. Your manufacturer may call it such. Logitech has a check box under the Motion tab that defaults to Disable acceleration in games. Microsoft calls it Enhance Pointer Precision, and it's found on the Pointer Options tab; as soon as you uncheck this box, you will notice that if you move your mouse real fast, the pointer no longer goes flying clear to the side of the screen. You've just freed up resources used to make that little trick happen. With mouse acceleration turned off, click Apply or OK and close out of the Control Panel. Now start the game up.

                • click on Settings
                • click on Input
                • uncheck Mouse Smoothing
                • uncheck Reduce Mouse Lag

                You should notice a jump up in frame rates and better precision when aiming. It may feel a little odd at first, but you'll quickly get used to it.

                Want more?

                • in the game, go to the Settings screen
                • Click on the Game button
                • uncheck Preload all player skins

                Now you're keeping the game from sucking RAM to load every player model before hand. It can load them while playing if it needs to.

                Want more?

                • fire up Windows' Notepad
                • in Notepad, click on File
                • click on Open...
                • find your UT2004\System folder
                • change Files of type: to All Files
                • double-click on UT2004.INI
                • Press Ctrl-F
                • type bForceDefaultCharacter= and click Find Next
                • change that False to True
                • click on File
                • click on Save
                • close Notepad

                Now you have stopped all the loading of extra models and forced the game to use Jakob and Tamika (possibly). Or the game will force all models to the player's (that would be your) model, depending upon which model is selected. Various patches have changed the way all of this works, and it's really a pain in the *** to figure out. Regardless, this frees up resources and prevents other players hiding from you with dark models like Matrix.

                With the current patch, you may or may not be able to change the default models if you want:

                • Launch Notepad like before
                • open USER.INI in the UT2004\System folder
                • search for Placed
                • change the names in the two fields for male and female models
                • save the file and close Notepad

                The models you can use with the current patch are unknown. Drop me a line if you know for certain which ones will work.

                Colored DM skins help target visibility. Modify the line in UT2004.INI as so:


                Add a slight glow around player models by changing the line in UT2004.INI thusly:


                It's hard to keep track of UT2004 weapons, because the designers thought it would be funny to assign more than one weapon the same ID number:

                o super weapon
                1 shield gun
                2 assault rifle
                3 bio-rifle / mine layer
                4 shock rifle
                5 link gun
                6 minigun
                7 flak cannon / grenade launcher
                8 rocket launcher / avril
                9 lightning rifle / sniper rifle
                10 translocator

                This breaks the familiar PipedSwitchWeapon command. Epic has no intention of fixing it, either:

                PipedSwitchWeapon 6 | PipedSwitchWeapon 2

                You can bind specific weapons to specific keys, provided you know what the game engine calls each weapon. Here's a list:


                Key bindings are kept in USER.INI. The synax for picking a specific weapon is illustrated in the following example:

                [key]=getweapon Onslaught.ONSAVRiL

                You can bind a key to playvehiclehorn 1 for an alternate vehicle horn. You would do this in USER.INI. Alternately, you may include set input <key> playvehiclehorn 1 as part of some horn-changing alias.

                You can force the game to start with custom settings for different game types. For example, you may have different key bindings or video settings in Deathmatch than you have in Onslaught.

                Right-click on an UT2004 icon and select Properties
                Change the entry in the Target field, using this syntax:

                C:\UT2004\System\UT2004.exe -ini=UT2004Online.ini -userini=UserNWOnline.ini

                You can have several shortcut icons pointing to different INI files. Basically, use Notepad to open the original UT2004.INI and USER.INI and the Save As... option will let you save a copy with another name, to edit as you see fit.

                Add spaces to your player name with alt+0160. In USER.INI, find the Name= entry. Enclose your new name within double quotation marks, as in Name="The<ALT+0160>Patriot" and save the file. The game will remove the quotes, but the space character will remain a valid part of your new name.

                There is a hidden loading screen. Open USER.INI change the 2 into a 3:


                You may want one key to switch to the Link Gun and Alt-Fire for node charging in Onslaught games. Bind any key or button to this:

                <key>=getweapon XWeapons.LinkGun | Button bAltFire | AltFire | Onrelease SwitchToLastWeapon

                Skip the game intro by making this highlighted change in UT2004.INI:

                ProtocolDescription=Unreal Protocol

                Become a Translocator god with this alias, which switches to the translocator while you hold down <key> and switches to your best weapon when you let go. Some of you may want to substitute SwitchToLastWeapon for SwitchToBestWeapon.

                Aliases[#]=(Command="getweapon XWeapons.TransLauncher | OnRelease SwitchToBestWeapon",Alias="TransToggle")

                Then bind a key to the new alias:


                OK. That's everything I can offer right now. Hope it helps.