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Unreal Championship 2 - Up From The [Near] Ashes - XBM

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    Unreal Championship 2 - Up From The [Near] Ashes - XBM

    From the October Issue of XBM


    Another major upcoming Xbox
    Release has also found a new home
    away from publisher Microsoft.
    Epic Games has taken its much-
    anticipated multiplayer slugfest
    Unreal Championship 2 to Midway.
    We talked to the team about
    what means for the long-running

    US:What does signing with
    Midway do for Epic and UC2?

    Mark Rein, VP Epic Games:
    We've formed a long-term
    partership with Midway and they
    wanted to get right away
    with Unreal Championship 2. We
    though that made a lot of sense
    and that they could do a great job
    with the game.

    US:What does bringing UC2's
    development back in-house to Epic
    mean for the Unreal franchise?

    Mark Rein: It is always good to
    have a development in the hands of
    the people who own the brand.
    Nobody is going to be able to pay
    more attention to it or treat it more
    carefully than we will. So, in the
    case of UC2, we're able to devote
    whatever it takes to make it live up
    to the expectations people have of
    games with Epic's name on them.
    We're a very strong company in
    terms of the quality of the people
    we have here and everyone feels
    a sense of ownership of everything

    US:How will UC2 improve on
    the original in terms of technology?

    Joe Graf, Lead Programmer:
    UC2 is a second-generation Xbox
    title and it shows. We've learned a
    lot about Xbox performance on our
    other titles, so we've been able to
    render two to four times as many
    polygons as Unreal Championship,
    while still having room for a large
    variety of effects. A large portion of
    our rendering budget goes to our
    effects such as de[th of field, light
    bloom, the blurs we use to convey
    speed and impact forces, and color
    space manipulations for "vision"
    modes, not to mention the crazy
    number of particles we have on
    screen at once.

    US: Will this game debut any new
    characters or races in the Unreal

    Michael Capps, President and
    Lead Designer:
    UC2 represents
    and entirely new gameplay direction
    for the Unreal franchise - and that
    ment we needed new characters
    who fit that style. UC2 has a pretty
    even mix of unique new characters
    and franchise staples like Malcolm
    and Gorge.
    That said UC2 occurs many
    years after UC1 and UT2004,
    and we've evolved the characters
    considerably. The undead Necris
    return from the original UT and
    play a major role - and a few
    of our main franchise characters
    have been brought back from the
    grave to join their ranks. It's also
    a perfectly good excuse to see
    Lauren in black leather!
    And now that we've joined the
    Midway family, there's been rumors
    of one of their franchise characters
    making an appearance the Liandri
    rournament. Let's just say I've been
    a rabit fan of Mortal Kombat since
    '92, and leave it at that.



    Hey Xab, wassup?


      Re: Unreal Championship 2 - Up From The [Near] Ashes - XBM

      Originally posted by Xabora
      From the October Issue of XBM

      Lauren in black leather!

      Or at least that's what I read.

      (yes I'm that sad)


        Can't wait for UC2 Woohoo.



          Now where's my ECE coverage??!!!???

          UC2 looks cool. Not totally sold on the MK cross-overs, but w/e. It's epics call. If Namco can do it with Soul Calibur I'm sure it won't be too bad with UC2.


            Hey Cro.

            From what XBM had said... in the small page quotes.
            Is they hope its Scorpion.... but in my case Jax would fit better.


              Hmm I would prefer scorpion any day of the year since he's my fav, but yeah he would be a bit outta place in this game

              Jax sounds ok. Sonya, Kitana, Liu Kang, Cyrax, Shao Khan!

              Those players could fit into the game. Heck most mortal combat people would fit into the game except the ninjas (Scorp, Sub, Rain, Ermac, Reptile)


                Its just all marketing talk :\


                  May be marketing... but a kickass idea none the less! :up: