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UT2K4 IDEAS: Vehicle + sniper rifle ideas

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: UT2K4 IDEAS: Vehicle + sniper rifle ideas

    Originally posted by Magwa
    No way would i get tough with a he man like you what happened to Kabhal???????? been missin you here you get the best laughs award evar!!!!!!! did not think you was serious anyway...!!!!! good to see you again my friend
    I switched kabhal to my work account (the account I use when I'm at work - doesn't get used much) and now I use this one when I'm home. I would use the same account for both, but they are configured diffrently.

    The computers at work are horrible win95 dinosaurs with monochrome monitors and **** modems - so I have everything turned off on that account (sigs, avs, images, etc).

    My computer at home is a speed-demon with a highspeed DSL modem - so I have everything turned ON on this account. It's easier this way than having to constantly go into usercp everyday and keep changing the setting back and forth.


      byt the time ut2k4 takes place we would've already used up all our fossil fuels...