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    Unreal Tournament

    On Friday I dusted off my old copy of the original UT and spend 6 hours getting the mods that I used to play (they are hard to find). After the game and all the mods were installed I fired up the game, hoping to get an insane FPS on my Radeon 9800 PRO.

    Using the D3D rendered the game froze everytime I selected something with the mouse or changed windows; Open GL got rid of the freezing, but made the game look/play awful.

    I spend another 6 hours changing the settings, trying everything trick in the book, and all I got were a bunch of nasty crashes.

    UT has become abandonware. :cry:

    My question to Epic is why did they let, a once ground breaking game, and now a classic, fall through the cracks? I realize that UT2003/2004 is out/will be out soon and is the primary revenue source, but there are some features of UT, mods like rocketarena for example, are just not available in the new reincarnation.

    Furthermore, games older than UT are still alive and growing :

    Half-Life, 40000 players online.
    Quake III, 5000 players online.
    Quake II, 1000 players online.
    UT, 0 players online.

    These are just the number of players using the gamespy network, in actual fact the number is much higher.

    In my opinion the reason for the lack of enthusiasm for UT2003/2004, which is reflected by the tiny number of players online, is the fact players know that in a few years time UT2003/2004, like UT, will also become abandonware; although Quake II would probably still be alive and kicking.

    I love Unreal, lets keep it alive!

    Sorry you can't get it to work, I'm not sure what your problem is but there is no good reason why it shouldn't work, I've got a Radeon 9700pro a-i-w, and it works just fine, I'm using the catalyst 3.8 drivers by the way, try them out.

    Whenever I look at the gamespy stats I see a couple thousand people playing, right now I see 2657.


      UT 0 players : what kind of crack have u been smoking


        there is a new open gl renderer
        I got a 9600 pro/3.8s and ut plays beautifully(besides aa affecting coronas)
        I use d3d,yes it does take time when configuring,but I still like it better than open gl
        dont use gamespy,use the unreal search built into the game
        ut is played more than any quake series


          A lot of people are having problems of one or another.

          In some cases people have found that Winxp for whatever reason doesn't work as well.

          In some cases it is Directx9. I know in my case I can't use Directx9 because the game will be very choppy.

          Try the OGL rend, and check out some different Ini settings.

          Also try and play without sound see if there is some issues there.


            LOL, This is a flame bate thread.


              I recently bought the G.O.T.Y edition and had the freezing to when changing resolution etc. Just tweak your .ini's and all will be fine.


                UT still runs great for me too..

                As far as falling through the cracks, Im sure alot of people would disagree with you..

                Truth be told, UT is still a great game, but its engine and gameplay is obsolete. It was suported very well and that gives it longevity, and its good that its got it. But in todays harware and software terms, its no longer special in terms of gaming, just being a good solid game that alot of people can play without having to buy alot of new hardware.


                  gamespy=teh lose. :down:


                    I deleted out my UT folder full of custom content this weekend, and reinstalled it with just the basics. After trying for a while, I finally managed to get the game perfect - S3CT textures with fixes, updated OGL renderer, the essential mutators like XMaps... I'm addicted again

                    But seriously, the texture quality once you've updated everything is amazing for the oldness of the game. And gameplay is still just as fun as it used to be.


                      Originally posted by Shuri
                      the texture quality once you've updated everything is amazing for the oldness of the game. And gameplay is still just as fun as it used to be.
                      Have you got a link for S3CT textures with fixes, updated OGL renderer plz.

                      {edit]S3CT textures are on cd 2,but my cd 2 is missing.oh well time to have a good search for it.
                      is the OGL renderer on cd 2 as well??


                        I also have problems with Radeon 9800 and Direct3D/OPenGl/Software. If I wanna play all in high it seems that the player has a big glowing BLACK LIGHT that darks big part of the view. For example, I can see the other corner of the hallway, but where i am I cant see a ****.

                        If I use in medium I can see the things but the fps are below to 25.

                        I have to use all in LOW and all works fine, but is a shame =/


                          The S3TC (S3CT? ****, can never remember which it is ) textures are on Disc 2 of UT Game of the year edition - I don't know if they are available on the net.

                          The best way to do up the textures is to check here. It has instructions. But I'll put it step-by-step anyway

                          1) Get the latest OGL renderer. -

                          2) Get the S3TC textures.

                          3) Get the S3 fix. -

                          4) Replace the skin textures with the non-S3TC textures from the 1st disc of the game.

                          5) Get Eyecandy - just edits your UT.ini to the best visual settings. -


                            You're getting the ID10T error...please put your software and PC in their original packaging and return to store. U don't deserve to own them.


                              Thanks Shuri:-)
                              Now it`s finding my cd 2 for it?
                              First time i`v lost a cd