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    whaahaa ur g4y


      Quake 3 isnt older than UT

      UT was out before Q3 was...


        Originally posted by willhaven
        Quake 3 isnt older than UT

        UT was out before Q3 was...
        yup. by a month or 2 if i remember properly.


          Originally posted by SB]ShadowDrone
          I also have problems with Radeon 9800 and Direct3D/OPenGl/Software. If I wanna play all in high it seems that the player has a big glowing BLACK LIGHT that darks big part of the view. For example, I can see the other corner of the hallway, but where i am I cant see a ****.

          If I use in medium I can see the things but the fps are below to 25.

          I have to use all in LOW and all works fine, but is a shame =/
          The game worked fine on my old geForce 2 card, but the game refuses to behave with my new Radeon 9800 Pro.

          It's not worth the trouble; I already wasted half a day trying to get UT to work. I'll miss UT...


            Originally posted by HS SPoT
            UT still runs great for me too..

            As far as falling through the cracks, Im sure alot of people would disagree with you..

            Truth be told, UT is still a great game, but its engine and gameplay is obsolete. It was suported very well and that gives it longevity, and its good that its got it. But in todays harware and software terms, its no longer special in terms of gaming, just being a good solid game that alot of people can play without having to buy alot of new hardware.
            It's planned obsolescence.

            Pity that the software industry doesn't realize that the generic marketing principles doesn't extend onto the software industry.

            I have a monster system: A7N8X Deluxe (nForce2) mobo with 768 MB of Corsair DDR400 PC3200 XMS Memory, Radeon 9800 Pro Vid-Card, Athlon XP 3200+ (400 FSB) CPU, but I still buy/play very old games. I think the gameplay in old games is much better than most of the **** that the game industry has been putting out recently.

            Old games are not easy to find, but if you are lucky you can get a good deal on e-bay or Chips & Bits.


              I was having the same probs with my Radeon 9800 Pro..... until I installed the 3.8 drivers..... now it all works!