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Why Isn't The No Damage Bug Fixed?

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    Originally posted by X-DarkSoul-X
    And no, rockets cannot be shot down like Deemers and AVRiLs.
    They can with a shock ball.


      Originally posted by bleh02
      They can with a shock ball.
      Yeah, but then again, nothing goes through shock balls. :sour:


        Originally posted by Powerslave666
        Yeah, but then again, nothing goes through shock balls. :sour:
        They're magical balls of energy. :O


          Originally posted by bleh02
          Which is really stupid.

          I am really starting to agree - some bugs should have been sorted out (maybe they will when ece is out?)

          The no damage thing only ****** me off when my 1 last chance
          to eagle eye the raptor goes straight through :bulb:

          (actually this happens a lot, **** those sneaky faster-than-netcode pilots)

          Then again it mostly works in my favour so i'm not complaining

          pretty funny watching a deemer go through a node and still see the explosion.

          I've also been hit by mantas and survived, i think it's this same bug (it just clipped me-but probably missed for that guy)

          I can see how annoying it would be in a 1v1....but i'm a team player!


            I'd prefer this bug to be fixed than add something that is almost called spam.


              As said before, epic did say that this bug couldnt be fixed without causing more lag etc, how true that is i don't know...

              This is the one bug that annoys me the most and it happens a lot. I play ctf mainly and seeing a triple rocket shot on the fc not kill him, even after you've hit him previously with 4-5 rockets, then you die and he goes on to cap, it just drives me mad :bulb:

              There are loads of bugs that still need fixing in this game but epic would rather work on adding water splashes than fixing real issues :up:


                Originally posted by Xipher
                well, do other users see the same explosion, or is it only your client, if you know.
                yes a few times i had a flakball in my face but no life was going off on my side . So sometimes it is really great this bug...except when i shoot and they still standing there etc then it's :down:


                  Originally posted by bleh02
                  Yes. Those were my exact words and I got 15WL instant ban for it.
                  Do you reckon if we all posted those exact words, as in, every single one of us, they would ban everyone? Like if Brownstone and Angel_Mapper posted it too? Surely they wouldn't ban their best members? Hmm...


                    Im guessing the rox / ect are done clientside, and not serverside ? - hence you see the hit, but the server dont (and therefor the other person)....
                    Like i said though, thats a guess without looking at the code, but if thats the case, it wouldnt be too hard for a mutator to change it to "fix" the problem (or help it a lot), . The main issue would be that a lot more bandwidth would be used, along with server useage.
                    I guess in a 1v1 you probably wouldnt notice it, but if you started to build up the players in the server, it would soon become unplayable.
                    Epic probably dont see it as a fixable "issue", as it would harm the most played games like ONS / CTF games / any game with a moderate amount of players in.
                    They are only thinking of the regular players. It would be great to have a mut for it though so 1v1 admins could use it.


                      I have a perfect example of WHY THIS ****ING BUG SHOULD BE FIXED.

                      I was in the finals playing k|xyber for the PG 1v1 tourney. The score was 11-10 with 5 seconds left in his favor on the deciding tiebreaker map. I'm chasing him like a rabid monkey on crack trying to get to him. I come up right next to him, hit him DEAD ON with a 2ndary flak (he had just spawned so he had 100 hp, no shield). It didn't do any damage and 2 seconds later the match is over I lose. He still remembers that and thanks the UT2004 gods that control the no-damage bug. Shouldn't have happened that way... just shouldn't lose matches because of **** like that.


                        Can't say much more except, I've seen it happen too, and it's **** annoying !

                        You're sure that last hit will kill him, you see it hit, and then you are already turning for the next target to realise your current one was still alive, aaaah ...

                        Nothing we can do about I guess.

                        In my opinion adding ONS to UT has done more bad to the netcode then good to it. We had to give up a lot of our frames (framecap ...) etc, ok so Epic kind of fixed this, but it still gives problems with more then 8 players ... now this ...

                        Don't get me wrong, I like ONS, but it should've been a seperate game in 2k4 itself, with its own netcode ... not with the same