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    6800gt should be about $200 more


      @KriLL3.2: I'm only going to Oslo for a couple of days, maybe Stockholm if I have time. Gonna visit some friends...

      Oh, and I checked, I could get Sockel 939 for a slightly higher price. If you guys give me a reason to do so, I'll go for it...

      edit: Thanks for the tip Necromancer! Soooo, Geforce 6800 or Sockel 939, mmmhhh....


        Dont go to stockholm man.. evil place... (GBG & STHLM go way back... we kinda are the west & east side of Sweden... errm.. ok we are >_< ...)

        Oslo is nice.. Maybe not that great this time o' year but the times I'v been there I'v enjoyed it (mostly summer time).


          Well, if you say don't go, I won't Yeah, I know about the weather, but my friends said come and I don't have anything better to do...I'm listening to NRJ Olso all the time to get at least some words when I'm there. Luckily they all speak English there.

          I'm gonna change the thread title to: [OT]What to buy...and when to go to Skandinavia


            Re: [OT]What to buy...

            Originally posted by Sir Furious
            Ok, I just decided to buy the following system for $1400:

            3400 AMD Athlon 64
            Radeon 9800 Pro/128mb <-----------------------WHY?????????
            1024mb DDR Ram PC 3200 (400mhz)
            320gb Hitachi 7200rpm / 8.5ms / 8mb
            DVD +/- Burner Nec ND-3500A
            Asus K8V SE Deluxe
            Tower with LCD screen and 550 Watt

            I still have around $250 left and would like to know in what to invest. Anything else I need a part from the monitor? Thanks for your wisdom guys/girls
            6800GT!! Goddamnit... geez kidz nowadays.

            Upgrade the video card and for a monitor, get a 19" CRT.

            edit: get a good sound card and some speakers
            edit2: did you buy and build, or just buy?


              On LCDs: One of my clanmates has a 17" one of these:
              I've watched him play on it and it's crystal clear. Good response time too. Max resolution is 1280x1024 @75hz, but 1280 is what we play at anyway (we have pretty similar hardware).

              Anyway, stop spreading FUD on the LCD v CRT topic. Cheap LCDs are teh suck, but there are some really beautiful ones out there too.


                Originally posted by Sir Furious
                Soooo, Geforce 6800 or Sockel 939, mmmhhh....
                Youd have better performance with the 6800gt
                as compared to if you had the 939 and a 9800 pro


                  I have a Sony 17" .16 response time flat panel -- it is GORGEOUS. Slight video lag compared to CRT, but I can live with it. Best of all, I can play 8+ hours without a hint of eye strain, while my NEC CRT started bugging me in less than 60 minutes.

                  You definitely want to use a DVI cable with a flat panel since its digital feed is so much cleaner than standard VGA. Furthermore, you don't need anything beyond 60hz vertical refresh on a flat panel. They don't strobe-refresh like CRTS (LCD pixels stay on, unlike CRT fading pixels), and higher refresh rates will actually shorten LCD hardware life time.