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i need good 1v1 maps!

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    i need good 1v1 maps!

    i play a lot of UT2k4 with a friend of mine, we're played the **** out of the standard 1v1 maps like rankin, ironic, compressed, deck17, idoma.
    we looked at all the stock maps that have "1on1" in the title but they all suck. do you guys know any nice 1v1 maps that we should try ? perhaps from CBP or something.

    Re: i need good 1v1 maps!

    Originally posted by integer you guys know any nice 1v1 maps that we should try ?
    Not really man... sorry.

    Although it's not my favorite, some people like roughinery for 1-v-1.... Antalus is a bit big, but works as well. Other than that, you pretty much listed the other really playable maps for duals.

    Sadly, I haven't really seen any user-made maps that have really worked well.


      DM-1 on 1-Obsidian
      DM 1 on 1-Samurai

      Ah hell, too many to name. Check out my 1 on 1 server.

      The Official -=1 on 1 DeathMatch Server=-

      TONS of 1 on 1 Maps to pick from.


        Achilles & Incuvasion are both a MUST HAVE imo.


          Look on and search 1 on 1 I can't rember the names but I like a lot of the 2k3 user made 1 on1 maps like Idris (I think thats the name).


            oblivian rules

            I like the stock 1v1 maps so you might not like it.


              steer clear of the cbp2 maps, except for DM-achiles that one rox.

              you might also want to check out DM campgrounds (a tad large but it works at times).


                IIRC there was a 1v1 mappack with a lot of good maps in it. Search around.


                  Maiden:up: :up:


                    This can be played as a 1v1

                    when i remade this for 2004 ,i almost re-released it as a 1v1 map . but after i seen all the 1v1 maps . so i decided to leave it as is.


                      Try this one...


                      Some other custom maps you might like for 1on1 are DM-1on1-Ilarnek, DM-CBP2-Achilles, DM-Altena and DM-Rusing... For stock maps, DM-Antalus and DM-Curse4.

                      My own personal favourites for 1on1 are DM-DE-Ironic, DM-1on1-Ilarnek and DM-Malevolence2004.


                        This might rub some people the wrong way so I want to point out that this is all IMO.

                        Most community 1v1-maps I've seen are useless for one simple reason... In duels you need to be able to hear your opponent.

                        Basically every map is filled with "cool" ambient sounds that drenches everything but a combo detonated at point blank range.

                        Another problem is emphasis on "good looks". Eye candy does not a great map make.

                        Some 1v1 maps that don't see much action and might be interesting to check out for variation (I think they're at least decent): Trite, Spirit, Squader

                        As mentioned Malevolence is decent, Ilarnek is too but both of these IMO are far too noisy for serious play in their current incarnations.