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Clan Fudge Needs You!

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    Clan Fudge Needs You!

    Hey all, if theres someone out there looking for a clan that has some decent players, check out and ask for a try out. You dont have to be that good to join (Although it would help in competition) but we can help you out at getting better in this game. Just get to know us well enough so we can rely on you. So sign up for the forums and start talking to us and get to know us, we are all about having fun in the UT2k4 community.

    Originally posted by CaTdAeMoN
    Right... Now. you have forgotten a few things!
    • Where?
    • Age?
    • What times are practice?
    • Are you a *hardcore* clan?
    • What gametypes?

    :bulb: :down:

    Not interested anyway
    and the link aint working


      ''Clan Fudge Needs You!''... I Don't need you!


        Originally posted by ]M[-SiLv3rJaX-
        ''Clan Fudge Needs You!''... I Don't need you!
        lol then dont post here...I have fixed the link as well

        anyways to answer the first question..

        Where: We game in our own private server, you can also find us in channel #FudgeUT2k4 on

        Age: We are about 18-35, age doesnt really matter, if you think your mature enough then your fine.

        Practice: We practice when everyone is available, we do Onslaught nights every saturday night and after that we usually go into DM.

        Are we hardore?: Well we would like to play in a lot of competitions so we need more people that are on much more often, but UT2k4 should never be over your life so if you cant make it you cant.

        Gametypes: We play all sorts of gametypes, ONS, DM, TDM, CTF, INV, everything really that your interested in.


          Well then our location would be USA, most memebrs are central and east coast. Our server is located on the east coast.