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Come On Epic Would Be Sooo Easy To Fix This..

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    I got about 4 posts into this Thread and had already made up my mind. Ask youself this, "Does it really matter." Its a pub if the teams are short and you are on the winning team switch over, it doesnt matter if you win or loose when you are playing on a PUB!!

    God People whine about pros and clans ruing the game thats not true, they dont have these problems in Clan Matches and stuff cause you know why cause thats where it is important, not on a pub.


      An idea i thought up, sorry if someone has already said this, but.....

      How about each player gets a time limit on being able to switch team.... so say the game has a 3 minute time limit, than maybe just give the players a 1 minute limit on being able to switch teams, so they can get comfortable with thier choice. But then, when that minute is up, the player cant switch teams at all.

      Thus, they can switch teams around to where they want, but after the limit, theyre stuck with thier choice at that moment. And each time a player joins into a game, theyll get 33% of the time left on the time limit to change teams...

      so if a player is a starting player in a being 3:00 minutes, he/she gets 1:00 to change around teams...
      If someone joins during the last minute, the person gets 33 seconds to change around teams. Etc, etc...

      But then, people could just rejoin at the last minute.

      Hopefully someone with some programming skills could possibly make this.