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[GUIDE]How to make your own loading screens *re-posted*

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    [GUIDE]How to make your own loading screens *re-posted*

    How to make your own loading screens

    Making a screen in Photoshop

    Start of by making a new image, make it 1024x1024. Now, go to View -> New Guide... and use the input Horizontal and Position: 768px. This will make a horizonal line at 768 pixels (d'uh), everything beneath this line will not be visible on the loadscreen (you can use this spot for copyright or autor info stuff).

    Now, let your imagination do its job, but keep in mind that on the right side, about in the middle, there will be some white text when loading!

    After your setesfied with your screen, you will need to save your work as a .DDS file. To do this, you need a plugin for Photoshop, wich you can get at nVidias developer site, right here: (find DDS Photoshop Plug-in, and read how to install the plugin)

    Ok, now save your work as a .PSD file, so you have a layered verson of it in case of later use, after you saved go to Layer -> Flatten Image (this will make you image only one layer). File -> Save As... (Ctrl+Shift+S), and chose DDS. I'm no expert in these plugin, but leave everything except Save Format at default, and I guess everything will be ok! Set the Save Format to DXT5 ARGB (Interpolated Alpha) and 2D Texture, save, close it, and dont save your .PSD! Cause then you will loose you layered version!

    Close Photoshop...

    Importing your screen to UnrealEd (make a .UTX)

    First you need to open the texture browser (View -> Show Texture Browser), and then click File -> Import... (in the Textures window that is). Here, the inputs are; Package, this is the name of your .UTX file (e.g myloadscreens), Group, this is the group for your textures, you can make one clan_loadscreens and one personal_loadscreens if you like, but its only for organisation, last there is Name, and I hope you guessed what that is (e.g myloadscreen_01)!

    Now your texture should apear in the Textures window, with you filename, groupname, and... name! What we now need to do, is define this as a interface (HUD) texture. This will prevent it from beeing effected by the texture settings ingame, like when you have at Lowest, the loadscreen will get completly messed up and unreadable (if you have some text on it). To do this you need to right-click on you texture, select Properties, now press "+" on Texture and set LODSet to LODSET_Interface.

    Now do this to all your screens, save the file, and close UnrealEd!

    Editing the .INI file

    Open the file in you System folder by the name user.ini, and find where it says:


    (press Ctrl+F to seach)

    Now, add the strings with your textures like this:

    If you used the names in the excamples I stated earlyer, it whould look something like this:

    Backgrounds=myloadscreens.personal_loadscreens.myl oadscreen_01

    Make sure you add all your screens, you can also erase the default ones if your tired of them, save and close the file.

    Now, fire up the game! :up:

    for custom made loading screens you can also check here


      cool, must try this


        Re: [GUIDE]How to make your own loading screens *re-posted*

        Originally posted by Mohlraax

        After your satisfied with your screen, you will need to save your work as a .DDS file.

        No you won't.
        You can save the file either in .bmp or .tga (24bit), then import the file in UnrealEd and compress it in DXT3 inside UnrealEd.


          The reason I reposted this was because I thought the other tread had died... but it turned out it was Alpha that got the URL wrong or something... couse it wasnt dead at all... it is right here:

          If Alpha still links to this, please fix! Cause I will close this thread now... and let it swim with the fishes... mwuhahaha!

          (btw, Loric... answer to you "quastion" is in the original thread!)

          kthx... bye!


          Eeeeh... how do I close it? Can only mods close? I can delete it, but not close it?!