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when did you get internet ?

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    I don't remember exactly when I got full 'net access, but it was sometime in the early 90s with Prodigy/AOL/Wow! (I think it was called), and whatever other accounts I could muster up (when AOHell actually *worked*).

    I was an avid BBS user back in the day, and got my first modem in '89 for my 13th birthday. 600 baud for an Atari 800XL, and I certainly remember watching text CRAWL across the screen as somebody mentioned earlier.

    Most of the boards I used were MajorBBS, and I became addicted to games like MajorMUD and Swords of Chaos. LORD, TradeWars, and others were equally popular, but never really kept my interest.

    I also fell in love with SirDoom, which was the comm. program that came with DoomII that allowed you to play online. We had a local board in South Florida that hosted DoomII events, but I sucked way too bad to bother. It was still neat being able to play against people online.

    Glad to see other BBS users around. It was the popularity of the Internet that really killed the BBS world, although some are still available via telnet. Any of you that haven't already stumbled across it, there's a great website called BBS Mates, which is essentially like a for old BBS users.

    Yes yes, ze memories.



      99 for me


        Heh, about 1992 for me!
        I had a 2400Baud modem package from Compuserve...cost about £300!
        I used said modem to get at various BBSs, the best of which had a *gasp* BBS->email gateway, that let you communicate with...well no-one really, as no-one else had email at that time either!
        Does anyone else remember when email addresses were like 123456,
        I then moved slowly through the modem ranks (19200, 28.8 and *finally* 56k) until in '99 I went to uni, when we had 10Mbit direct to our rooms
        Now back on a rather sedate 2Mbit pipe


          Originally posted by thekaLi
          *In the beginning, there was 56k.*

          no there was 1.... flat (1 bit, yeah)


            Oh and for any Old Skool Apple folks...

            I was also a member of eWorld.


              1995 - MSN the day it was offered.



                Originally posted by Flynn Flak
                I don't even remember my first email address, it was something like
                mine was LOL. It was a localconnect a local dial up service.

                I have 2 icq numbers, my old one is like 1957 and I lost the pass, so now its 197990. I used to also use powwow back then and chatted on the palace.