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Horrible Performance on a... mostly good system.

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    Possible cause and solution

    Originally posted by TyeFang
    nah, his "lag" i believe is a constant never changing thing. every runs then stutters then runs then stutters.
    I have experienced the same thing with several different games, and I believe it to be an Nvidia video driver issue with DirectX 9. I am using v45.23. It might also be caused by an overheating video card. I found that when I lowered my GPU clock speed, the problem went away. However, I am not crazy about using a lower GPU clock speed.

    It is NOT caused by a lack of RAM because this hitching is occuring for me in the games' menus before a map is ever loaded. I also have twice as much RAM as you do, so RAM is not the problem.


      try turning down your sound acceleration in dxdiag
      eax can cause problems too


        I have a similar problem on my XP1800, 512MB, 9700pro, Audigy system. The lurches seem to be associated with sound rather than anything else. I have the latest DirectX and drivers.

        I appreciate that the processor isn't top of the range any more, but surely it should be enough for UT2003.

        Anyone else have a similar issue with the Audigy 1?


          I just posted like a minute after you and hopped in front wtf?


            I have special powers, you know.


              Re: Horrible Performance on a... mostly good system.

              Originally posted by Layziepop01
              UT2003 is getting to the point where it's almost unplayable for me. But it's not really lag that's the problem. I mean, I get very high frame rates, but the gameplay is stop, go, stop, go, stop, go.... It's horrible, even the mouse cursor suffers from this freezing every second or so. I really don't know how to explain it, other than my FPS counter says 60fps, but the game stops about every second, just for a moment though, but it's enough to drive me mad. And like I said, it even does it to the mouse cursor on the menu when the game is first loaded.

              I'm running with all settings on highest, but my hardware should be able to support this.

              Athlon XP 2200 (1.8Ghz)
              256MB PC3200 RAM
              GeForceFX 5900 128MB

              I have a couple programs running in the background.

              Norton Antivirus
              Norton Internet Security

              I've already tried disabling Norton Antivirus auto-protect, but the game still suffers. Any help would be appreciated!
              I had exactly the same problem amte on 2 systems, one system was 2ghz, 256 ram 64mb geforce & the other 1ghz 512 ram 64mb geforce. Now both would run extremely slow, the worst was when i spawned to start a new game, the game itself would hang for about 20 seconds as i could hear everyone else spawning, but ocne i got killed everything was ok then. I think the problem behind this was too many player models, i had installed loads of them but i wasn't using any of them in game, once i had uninstalled ut2003 and the models and then just reinstalled ut2003 it ran like a dream, my question to you is have you installed any player models? if so i suggest removing them and try re-installing ut2003, you don't to un-install it just install over the top and see if that fixes it.

              Hope that helps


              BTW- Make sure you have foliage turned off, it makes a hellva differnence.