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DPM2004v21 - we made it better!

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    DPM2004v21 - we made it better!

    Some days ago DPM team released new version of the mod.
    It's tricking mod, analog to Q3eFRaG (but not its copy).
    New version has a lot of changes, and it's a first full version of the mod! It includes:

    -All released maps (25)
    -HQ demos (34)
    -DPM Crew skins and Default DPM skin for trickers
    -Old versions .u's for demos viewing

    Besides these, we made some changes in code:

    --(added) DPM Esc Menu
    --(added) improved HUD
    --(added) DPM Scoreboard includes run time history
    --(added) Graphic Demorec Activity Symbol
    --(added) Best time now doesn't reset after restart
    --(removed) Minigun appears after the end of warmup
    --(fixed) some HUD and minor code bugs

    Hope you will enjoy our mod. Links (15,1mb) (2mb) - lite version for poor dialupers, like i am...

    Additional info @


    What is the mod? "DPM2004v21 - we made it better!" doesn't help unless you know what "DPM2004 is."



    Q: What is DPM?

    A: DPM is a modification for UT200X from Epic and Digital Extremes that features a single-player game based on movements ability
    and player velocity through dedicated run maps. These maps require many special movements, known as tricks, in order to be completed up
    to the finish line. DPM is meant for self-training and improvement, competition, and fun.
    The game supports physics from both Ut2003 and Ut2004.
    DPM maps and score tables can be found from the official DPM developers website at


      Re: DPM2004v21 - we made it better!

      Originally posted by Masta[DPM]

      Additional info @
      Its a wonderful mod, all about tricksjumps on custom maps

      Greetings go out to Masta for this work on the mod and the webpage, additional greetings to my clanmate [nRL]Slacker for his cool demos and records.

      jump..jump.. a little higher


        something like defrag for quake3?

        if yes :up:


          Any screenies? :noob:


            Originally posted by fiLa
            something like defrag for quake3?

            if yes :up:
            Yes, only with the moves of UT2k4. I guess that makes it a little more limited, but make no mistake, most levels are hard as hell to just finish, let alone do timeruns on. :haha:



              [ot] lol boksha, i just noticed your blob [/ot]

              i like trickjumps, but i suck pretty bad with them...


                something like defrag for quake3?

                Uh-huh, smth like. Same thing but using original ut200x tricks

                Any screenies?



                  bump give these great guys some feedback!
                  personally i love it, im not the best trickjumper ever but ive completed a few of the maps
                  keep up the good work


                    This mod o-w-n-s :up:

                    The first time you try the maps you'll be like: "wtf this is impossible :bulb: "

                    DPM-Lavatortures can be done in less than 11 seconds, though to complete it for the first time you'll have to try (the 3rd jump in particular) hundreds of times :haha:


                      Yeah, DPM is an abbreviation from:
                      Dodge PROFESSIONAL Mod. No pain - no gain!

                      Hope u'll got some fun playing it.
                      Btw, some time earlier we made a DPM-Promo trailer. If somebody still don't have this beautiful 1337 video, don't miss the chance:


                        DPM = fun.



                          downloading. :>


                            btw if you need help, have a question or something... -> #dpmskills



                              Yea DPM is a nice mod and deserves a try
                              Imo it is a bit hard though and should contain a few "easier" maps for n00bs..
                              It is a bit frustrating to try the same jump 100* times in a row, even more when it is at the end of the map :cry:

                              I havent suceeded to finish most of the map... so I wont try to compete with run times yet