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[Ultimate Faq Guide] (read first before asking questions)

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    [Ultimate Faq Guide] (read first before asking questions)

    Theres some basic useful stuff here, some of it might be outdated though. Hope it helps some of you. Info taken from many places.

    Note: to open up console press ~


    To turn off IRC text to speech: go to settings,then audio, the box in the bottom right has the irc options, if you disable it, make sure you restart the game.


    To add a buddy, go to the internet tab, select a server, right click on a player in the lower right box in your screen, and select add buddy, you can also add a random buddy and rename their name to that of your buddy.. Also, check out this thread :


    For tech support go here:


    If you have trouble getting a server list and connectiong to a game try refreshing (you can press f5 to refresh)--- Also check out this thread:


    To join a server to which you already have the ip of, open your console, type open and then the ip, if you also have a port you need to add, after the ip add : and type the port.


    If you are hosting a server and want to gain acces to the admin menu, open your console and type adminmenu, you will need to know your admin password. You can view current maps, players, ips, and ban people if you need. (was glitchy in demo version)


    For voice commands via headset:Looking inside of the Speech folder, you'll see .xml files containing the commands you can give bots through voice recognition. Also, this site may prove helpful:

    --- Note: Speech recognition only works with the demo if you have a Control Panel -> Speech -> Speech Recognition tab, and you will need to have microsoft speech sdk installed:


    If you want get the all seeing eye to work for the game, check out this thread:

    note: all seeing eye is an external server browser for ut2004

    Server port info for UT2K4 : (for running a server behind nat)

    The default ports are:

    7777 UDP/IP (Game Port)
    7778 UDP/IP (Query Port)
    7787 UDP/IP (GameSpy Query Port)
    28902 TCP/IP (Allows your Server to Connect to the UT2004 Master Server Browser)

    Also make sure you set the following to True

    Find the [IpDrv.MasterServerUplink] part in your server's ini file, and modify the following value:

    If you are unable to browse webadmin using the external IP address of your server, but accessing the webadmin from inside your LAN works, then the following may help you:
    Find the [UWeb.WebServer] in your server's .ini file, and modify the following value
    (where x.x.x.x is your public internet IP address ):


    If you added a filter and cant see anymore servers, and cant remove the filter, delete this file: c:\UT2004Demo\system\ServerFilters


    If you are having trouble getting voice chat to work, check out this thread: (to voice chat in game press and hold f [default button] and speak)


    To see the entire character list and their descriptions in the game, open Xplayers.Int in your system folder with notepad


    If your game is displaying blurry text, this thread should help you fix the prob:


    If you want to modify the sound/speed of the text to speech voice, open your "Windows Control Panel". Doubleclick on "Speech" and then choose the tab called "Text-to-speech". You have a selection of different voices/speeds there. Download additional voices from


    To unlock all the secret characters in UT2k4, open your ut2k4 user ini file located in your system folder and add the character names to this line: TotalUnlockedCharacters= so it will look like this: TotalUnlockedCharacters=Malcolm;ClanLord;Xan


    If you need help with any aspect of ut2004 gameplay check this out:

    Pdf Version:

    also check this link out:


    Ons map guide can be found here:

    also, check this place for lots of ons info:


    Demo and screenshot record variables can be found here:


    When your adrenaline bar reaches 100 press the following keys to activate it: Speedrun faster) forward 4x, booster: (health regeneration) back 4x, invisible: right 2x left 2x, berserk: (more damage+faster shooting) forward 2x back 2x


    To view your fps press ~ (open the console) and type stat fps. then press enter.


    to record a demo open console and type demorec
    to stop the recording type stopdemo

    to take screenshots of the game without weapons, open console and type togglescreenshotmode


    Are there multiple editions of UT2004?

    Yup! There are four different retail versions of UT2004:

    1) 6CD version (main version for North America, rest of the world, Asia, and some parts of Europe)
    2) DVD (Main version for Europe, Germany will be DVD only, not North America)
    3) DVD Special Edition (w/bonus DVD and a headset), this should be available pretty much everywhere but in LIMITED QUANTITIES. 4) DVD 2-Disc Edition (released April 13th. Contains the game on the first DVD and the Special Edition bonus content on the second, but doesn't have a headset or the fancy packaging the Special Edition has.

    And what exactly is in that Special Edition?
    Unreal Tournament 2004 DVD Special Edition will ship as a double-DVD set - disk one will include all of the game content while disk two will include hours of Video Training Modules (VTMs) from 3D Buzz that teach fans and amateur mod makers how to use the Unreal Editor to create custom game content. Unreal Tournament 2004 DVD Special Edition will come in a limited edition metal box and will contain a Logitech Internet Chat Headset for use with the game's exclusive voice-over-IP (voice chat) technology, as well as an Unreal window sticker.


    Console commands:

    Weapons/Vechile summon commands

    summon xweapons.redeemerpickup - Spawns a redeemer
    summon xweapons.assaultriflepickup - Spawns assault rifle
    summon onslaught.onsavrilpickup - Spawns avril
    summon xweapons.bioriflepickup - Spawns bio rifle
    summon xweapons.flakcannonpickup - Spawns flak cannon
    summon onslaught.onsgrenadepickup - Spawns grenade launcher
    summon xweapons.painterpickup - Spawns ion painter
    summon xweapons.sniperriflepickup - Spawns lightning gun
    summon xweapons.linkgunpickup - Spawns link gun
    summon onslaught.onsminelayerpickup - Spawns mine layer
    summon xweapons.minigunpickup - Spawns minigun
    summon xweapons.rocketlauncherpickup - Spawns rocket launcher
    summon xweapons.shieldgunpickup - Spawns shield gun
    summon xweapons.shockriflepickup - Spawns shock rifle
    summon xweapons.supershockriflepickup - Summon a instagib shock rifle
    summon utclassic.classicsniperriflepickup - Spawns sniper rifle

    summon Onslaught.ONSHoverTank - Summon a Goliath
    summon Onslaught.ONSPRV - Summon a Hellbender
    summon Onslaught.ONSHoverBike - Summon a Manta
    summon Onslaught.ONSAttackCraft - Summon a Raptor
    summon Onslaught.ONSRV - Summon a Scorpion
    summon OnslaughtFull.ONSHoverTank_IonPlasma - Summon the plasma tank
    summon OnslaughtFull.ONSMobileAssaultStation - Summon a Leviathan
    summon OnslaughtFull.ONSGenericSD - Summon a hidden vehicle (TC-1200)
    summon ut2k4assaultfull.asvehicle.spacefighter_human - Summon a Human fighter
    summon ut2k4assaultfull.asvehicle.spacefighter_skaarj - Summon a Skaarj fighter
    summon ut2k4assaultfull.asturret_ioncannon - Summon ion cannon
    summon ut2k4assault.asvehicle_sentinel_floor - Summon sentinel (not useable)
    summon onslaughtfull.onsbomber - Summon bomber (use this mutator instead:

    Cheat Codes:

    ALLAMMO - Gives full ammo for all weapons
    ALLWEAPONS - Gives you all weapons
    FLY - You can fly around
    GHOST - Noclip through walls
    GOD - God Mode
    LOADED - Gives all weapons, ammo, and 100 adrenaline
    TELEPORT - Teleport to a random spot in the map
    WALK - You stop flying

    Player \ Bot Commands:

    ADDBOTS [number] - Adds the specified number of bots
    BEHINDVIEW 1 - Changes to third person view
    BEHINDVIEW 0 - Changes to first person view
    DISCONNECT - Disconnect from current server
    EXIT - Quits the game
    KILLBOTS - Gets rid of all bots
    OPEN [IP address] - Connect to a specific server IP
    OPEN [mapname] - Opens specified map
    QUIT - Quits the game
    RECONNECT - Reconnect to the current server
    SWITCHLEVEL [mapname] - Switches to the specified level
    SWITCHTEAM - Switch your player's team
    SUICIDE - Kills yourself
    TEAMSAY [text] - Displays your message in team chat
    PLAYERSONLY - Freezes \ pauses the bots
    SAY [text] - Displays your message in global chat
    SETNAME [playername] - Changes your player name


    MEMSTAT - Displays Windows memory usage
    STAT ALL - Shows all stats
    STAT AUDIO - Shows audio stats
    STAT FPS - Displays your frames per second
    STAT GAME - Displays game stats
    STAT HARDWARE - Shows hardware stats
    STAT NET - Shows network game play stats
    STAT NONE - Turns off all stats
    STAT RENDER - Displays rendering statistics
    Demo Commands

    DEMOPLAY [demoname] - Plays the specified demo
    DEMOREC [demoname] - Records a demo using the demoname you type
    STOPDEMO - Stop recording a demo

    Admin Commands:

    ADMIN SWITCHLEVEL [mapname?game=gametype?mutator=mutator] - Changes the current level to the specified level, game type and mutators
    ADMIN [command] - Performs the specified command
    ADMINLOGIN [password] - Logs the admininstrator onto the server using the specified password
    ADMINLOGOUT - Logs the administrator off the server.
    ADMIN SET UWeb.Webserver bEnabled True - Enables the remote admin webserver (after level change)
    ADMIN SET UWeb.Webserver bEnabled False - Disables the remote admin webserver (after level change)
    KICK [playername] - Kicks the specified player from the server
    KICKBAN [playername] - Kicks and bans the specified player from the server using their IP address. To unban the player, edit the server.ini or use the web admin interface

    Other Commands:

    BRIGHTNESS [number] - Changes the brightness level to the specified number
    CDTRACK [number] - Plays the specified CD track number
    CONFIGHASH - Displays configuration info
    CONTRAST [number] - Changes the contrast level to the specified number
    DEBUG CRASH - Test crashes the game with an error
    DEBUG EATMEM - Tests memory allocation until full
    DEBUG GPF - Test crashes the game with a general protection fault error
    DEBUG RECURSE - Test crashes the game by infinite recursion
    DUMPCACHE - Displays the memory gcache contents
    EXEC [filename] - Executes a file in the UT2003 /system/ directory by default
    FLUSH - Flushes all caches and relights
    FOV [number] - Changes the field of view to the specified number
    FIXEDVISIBILITY - For use when testing your own level. Fixes the engine's visibility from your current point of view. You can then walk around and see exactly what is being drawn, check that antiportals are working etc. Enter it again to turn it off.
    GAMMA [number] - Changes the gamma level to the specified number
    GETCOLORDEPTHS - Displays the maximum color depth supported by your hardware
    GETCURRENTCOLORDEPTHS - Displays your current color depth
    GETCURRENTRES - Displays your current resolution
    GETCURRENTTICKRATE - Displays your current tick rate
    GETMAXTICKRATE - Displays the maximum allowed tick rate
    MUSICORDER [number] - Change to a certain track in the song (0=ambient, 1=action, 2=suspense)
    NETSPEED [number] - Sets the net speed, default is 10000
    OBJ CLASSES - Displays a list of object classes
    OBJ GARBAGE - Collects and purges objects no longer in use
    OBJ HASH - Displays object hashing statistics
    OBJ LINKERS - Displays a list of active linkers
    PAUSESOUNDS - Pauses all sounds
    PREFERENCES - Opens advanced settings
    RELAUNCH - Relaunches the engine
    RENDEREMULATE [gf1/gf2] - Lets you see how your level will look on different cards (ex. if some of your shaders are too complicated and don't have fallbacks).
    REPORT - Copies a report of the current game to clipboard
    SET [class variable value] - Sets a specified class and specified variable with the specified value
    SETSENSITIVITY [number] - Sets the mouse sensitivity to the specified number
    SETRES [WxHxD] - Sets your screen resolution to the specified width, height, and color depth
    SLOMO 1 - Sets the speed of the game back to normal real time speed
    SLOMO 2 - Sets speed to double. Increase number to go faster
    SLOMO .5 - Sets speed to half. Decrease number to go slower
    SOCKETS - Displays a list of sockets in use
    TOGGLEFULLSCREEN - Toggles fullscreen mode
    TYPE [text] - Displays the specified text on the console
    UNPAUSESOUNDS - Un-pauses all sounds

    also take a look at this thread devoted to console commands:

    untested game command:

    set Vehicle bTeamLocked False

    use this to be able to summon vechiles while on blue team and unlock them (they spawn locked)


    How do I fly the bomber? Its hard to control...

    Go here and install this mutator:


    How can I improve my aim? practice, practice, and practice!

    Take a look at this thread (2004 version)

    For ut2004 (another shock combo training)


    Where can I find new custom skins and models?


    If you downloaded anything extra for ut2k4 (such as maps, skins etc...) and dont know where to put the included files, take a look at their extensions.

    Put .utx files in your ut2004/textures folder
    Put .u files in your ut2004/system folder
    Put .upl files in your ut2004/system folder
    Put .ukx files in your ut2004/animations folder
    Put .ka files in your ut2004/karmadata folder
    Put demo 4 files in your ut2004/demos folder
    Put maps in your ut2004/maps folder
    Put .ogg files in your ut2004/music folder
    Put .uax files in your ut2004/sounds folder
    Put .usx files in your ut2004/staticmeshes folder


    What is unreal paint? How does it work?

    (the program is located on cd6 in the extras folder)


    How can I view a demo i made/downloaded?

    Go to the community area (main menu) and select the demo tab, then select a demo to play.


    Where can I find ut2004 recorded gameplay demos?

    Go here:

    also, check this place out:


    Other useful stuff:


    Ut2k4 tweak guide:


    Ut2k4 quits to desktop? Go here:


    how do i get the funny vechile horn?

    If you press semicolon ( ; ) while driving a vehicle it will play the horn! There is a different horn sound for each vehicle.

    Also, if you bind a key to 'playvehiclehorn 1' it will play a second, slightly more funny horn for each vehicle. Do that by entering:

    set input "key" playvehiclehorn 1

    At the console, where "key" is whatever key you want to bind it to.


    Unlock all team symbols without beating game:

    If you can't wait to unlock all the team symbols by playing through the single player tournament mode, then just look in the ut2004 /system folder for two files, and and open them in something like notepad, because they are only text files. You'll notice that some have "SP" next to them, meaning they are unlocked through the single player mode, so just take out those so they are just "" and save.


    For server related help go to


    other links:

    irc etg channels: (type /sever enterthegame , then type /join #channelnamegoes here)



    tutorials/mapping/ai/karma physics/movers/skinning/terrain/textues/volumes etc...(links)

    level editing tips+tricks

    another helpful thread (lots of useful stuff including level editing guieds, tricks, tips, training files, map list)

    references, tutorials, and ideas for the unreal engine, etc...:


    Has a patch for ut2k4 been released yet?

    Yes, as a matter of fact 3 have been released

    First one updates the game to version 3204, links for d\l and patch change list can be found in this thread:

    Second one can be found here:

    updates game to 3236

    third one updates game to 3270


    weapon usage tips thread:


    skip nvidia intro:


    dealing with vechiles while on foot thread:


    official weapons descriptions:

    official vechiles descriptions


    official storyline/teams

    It's the year 2362. The most anticipated Tournament ever is about to take place, dwarfing the spectacle and drama of previous events. The finest competitors ever assembled prepare to lay waste to their opponents and claim the Tournament Trophy for themselves.

    The Tournament 2362 has a cast of characters unequaled in its 25 year history.

    The Corrupt: Xan Kriegor was long regarded as invincible, until Malcolm defeated him in the fourth officially recognized Tournament finals. After a long hiatus, he has returned to lead the Liandri team, The Corrupt, back to the championship. Xan is sitting out the early rounds, which he perceives as beneath his attention.

    Thunder Crash: Following his well publicized break-up with long-time teammates Brock and Lauren, Malcolm has returned to lead his old team, Thunder Crash. Malcolm is currently rehabilitating an injury sustained in last year's championship match, but he is expected to be healthy in time for the Tournament Finals.

    Iron Guard: Brock and Lauren joined forces with Malcolm during his reign as Tournament champion. Infighting and recrimination over their stunning defeat in last year's Tournament led to the dissolution of that team. Now, Brock and Lauren have returned leading their old team, the Iron Guard.

    Juggernauts: Gorge is determined to prove that his one year reign as Tournament Champion is no fluke, and he has re-assembled the Juggernaut team he led to the championship. Axon Research Corporation has made armor and bio-genetic upgrades to the Juggernauts design for this year's Tournament.

    Iron Skull: This year, the Skaarj Empire is represented by the Iron Skull clan, who seek to regain honor after long being held responsible for the loss of the Skaarj Mothership during the Human/Skaarj wars.

    Sun Blade: Sun Blade is comprised of former Temple Guardians and veterans of the Desert Legion. They see victory in the Tournament as their only hope for burial and eternal life in the Valley of Kings on Luxor IV.

    Super Nova: Super Nova, a team of mercenaries from the Seventh Mercenary Fleet, has entered the Tournament to pay off their debts to the Izanagi Corporation.

    Black Legion: The Black Legion is made up of the hideously deformed subjects of weaponized genetic mutation tests. This year, they have a new leader, Abaddon, the current pinnacle of achievement of this line of experiments.

    Fire Storm: The Mokara are respected and feared as warriors. The Mokara's elite fighting unit, Fire Storm, sends a team of their best soldiers to the Tournament each year.

    Hellions: Once feared and reviled throughout human space as pirates and renegades, the Hellions seek to gain respectability as a mercenary outfit. They've entered the Tournament to demonstrate their capabilities to potential customers.

    Blood Fist: The only team in the Tournament acknowledged to be entirely cybernetic, Blood Fist warriors have their programming upgraded each year, and have become more and more lethal.

    Goliath: With the success of Gorge's Juggernauts in last year's Tournament, Axon Research Corporation is now sponsoring Goliath in hopes of producing an all Juggernaut finals.

    ut2004 stats:

    server rental program:


    cliffy b site:


    alternative to fansite kit d\l


    ogg player:


    game rating:

    03-11-2004 Gamespy 5 / 5
    03-11-2004 IGN 9.4 / 10
    03-25-2004 GamePro 5 / 5
    04-27-2004 TechTV 5 / 5
    04-16-2004 Worth Playing 9.4 / 10
    04-12-2004 Game Revolution 18 / 20
    04-08-2004 Game Zone 9.5 / 10
    04-02-2004 Avault 5 / 5


    Is there a built in music player in Ut2k4?

    Yes. Press f11 while in game to open it up.

    Does it play mp3's?

    Yes. (full version)

    How do I add custom songs to maps (autoplay)?

    Go here:


    tutorials for unreal ed 3.0 (another post thread)

    vctf tutorial:

    another great tutorial thread (textures, images,utilities...etc...)

    NOTE: hints come straight from the int files, so theyre "raw"

    ons hints:

    If you receive a missile lock warning, try to get out of sight quickly!",

    "The Raptor's missiles will automatically lock onto Mantas and other Raptors.",

    "In the Raptor press JUMP to fly higher and DUCK to fly lower.",

    "The Manta can rapidly descend to smash your enemies by pressing %DUCK% or %ALTFIRE%.",

    "Press %JUMP% to perform a 180 spin out in the Hellbender or Scorpion.",

    "The Manta is the only vehicle that has the ability to jump.",

    "When deployed, the Leviathan is highly vulnerable to air attacks.",

    "You can heal a friendly vehicle with the link gun alt-fire.",

    "You can heal a friendly PowerNode with the link gun alt-fire.",

    "It is impossible to heal the final PowerCore, so defend it at all costs!",

    "Press %TOGGLERADARMAP% to toggle the radar map on and off.",

    "You can be hurt or killed by vehicles exploding near you.",

    "Enemy Spider Mines can be destroyed, but some weapons are better against them than others.",

    "Pressing %USE% on a PowerNode allows you to teleport to any PowerNode your team controls.",

    "You won't be able to spawn at a PowerNode that is under attack, even if your team controls it.",

    "If you die, any Spider Mines or Grenades you fired will explode.",

    "Press %VOICETALK% to voice chat with your team.",

    "%BASEPATH 0% will show the way to the nearest PowerNode or PowerCore the Red Team can attack, while %BASEPATH 1% will do the same for the Blue Team.",

    "Press %TOGGLEBEHINDVIEW% to switch between 1st and 3rd person mode in vehicles.",

    "AVRiL rockets will home into an occupied enemy vehicle as long as you keep your crosshair on it.",

    "When you find a target with the AVRiL, press alt-fire to zoom and lock your view to that target.",

    "The green light on top of the weaponlockers indicates that additional ammo is available at that locker.",

    "Attack PowerNodes that have the enemy team color sky beams above them.",

    "You cannot attack the PowerCore or PowerNodes if there is an energy shield present. Remove the shield by controlling a node that is linked to it.",

    "The Grenade Launcher shoots sticky grenades that attach themselves to vehicles and players. You must detonate them yourself with the alternate fire (press %ALTFIRE%)",

    "The bomber that the Target Painter calls in can be shot down by enemy fire.",

    "In Onslaught, your team earns 2 points for winning before overtime and 1 point for a win during overtime.")

    Description="Your team must take control over PowerNodes in a 'connect the dots' fashion to establish a direct line to the enemy PowerCore. Once you establish a link to the next PowerNode, you can destroy it if controlled by the enemy. Control the PowerNode for your team by touching it to start the build process (Use the linkgun alt-fire to speed things up). Once your team has a link to the enemy PowerCore, attack and destroy it."



    "A waypoint on the HUD indicates the location of an objective.",

    "Be on the look out for HUD warnings and alarm sounds when an objective is in danger.",

    "When a new spawn area has been enabled, Press %SWITCHWEAPON 10% to teleport to it instantly.",

    "Press %BASEPATH 0% or %BASEPATH 1% to highlight the current objective, show a path to it, and slide out the objective list.",

    "Monitor the respawn countdown to know when to expect backups.",

    "Some weapons are better at destroying enemy Spider Mines than others.",

    "You can be hurt or killed by vehicles exploding near you.",

    "You can heal a friendly vehicle with the Link Gun alt-fire.",

    "If you die, any Spider Mines or Grenades you fired will explode.",

    "The green light on top of the weapon lockers indicates that additional ammo is available at that locker.",

    "All turrets can zoom in by pressing %MOVEFORWARD% and zoom out by pressing %MOVEBACKWARD%.",

    "Link turrets have the same properties as the Link Gun.",

    "The Ion Cannon and Ion Plasma Tank, while charging up, indicate their target with a laser beam.",

    "You can switch between remote controlled turrets by pressing %NEXTWEAPON% and %PREVWEAPON%.",

    "In a SpaceFighter, you can cycle through targets by pressing %NEXTWEAPON% and %PREVWEAPON%.",

    "Various trophies can be obtained by destroying a key vehicle (or turret), completing an objective, or successfully attacking.",

    "A trophy is given to the player completing an objective, but the points reward is shared between all contributors.",

    "Press %TOGGLEBEHINDVIEW% to switch between 1st and 3rd person view in vehicles.")

    Description="In each round, one team takes the role of the attacker, while the other team defends, in recreations of famous (or infamous) scenarios. After a pair of rounds, the most successful attacking team scores a point."


    CTFHints="You can use %BASEPATH 0% to see the path to the Red Team base and %BASEPATH 1% to see the path to the Blue Team base.",

    "Firing the translocator sends out your translocator beacon. Pressing %FIRE% again returns the beacon, while pressing %A:TFIRE% teleports you instantly to the beacon's location (if you fit).",

    "Using the translocator to teleport while carrying the flag will cause you to drop the flag.",

    "Pressing %SWITCHWEAPON 10% after tossing the Translocator allows you to view from its internal camera.",

    "Pressing %FIRE% while your %ALTFIRE% is still held down after teleporting with the translocator will switch you back to your previous weapon.")

    Description="Your team must score flag captures by taking the enemy flag from the enemy base and returning it to their own flag. If the flag carrier is killed, the flag drops to the ground for anyone to pick up. If your team's flag is taken, it must be returned (by touching it after it is dropped) before your team can score a flag capture."



    DMHints="Every weapon has two firing modes, a regular fire mode when you press %FIRE% and an alternate fire mode when you press %ALTFIRE%.",

    "Press jump again at the peak of a jump to get an extra boost.",

    "Pressing a movement key twice in rapid succession will make your character dodge in that direction.","

    You can also dodge off walls while in the air.",

    "You can change weapons by pressing the associated weapon number, or scroll through your weapons using %NEXTWEAPON% and %PREVWEAPON%.",

    "The shock combo is a powerful explosion created with a shock rifle by shooting a shock ball with a shock beam.",

    "When loading up rockets using the rocket launcher alt fire, press the regular fire button before releasing the rockets to fire them in a tight spiral.",

    "You can toggle the scoreboard display on or off at any time by pressing %SHOWSCORES%.",

    "You receive adrenaline for killing enemies and other accomplishments. Once your adrenaline reaches 100, you can start an adrenaline combo by using the correct movement key combination.",

    "%SHOWSTATS% will bring up a personal stats display.",

    "You can shoot down enemy Redeemer missiles with a well placed shot.",

    "Press %TALK% and type your message to send text messages to other players.",

    "You can play taunts or other voice messages through the voice menu by pressing %SPEECHMENUTOGGLE%.",

    "While crouching (by holding down %DUCK%), you cannot fall off a ledge.")

    Description="Free-for-all kill or be killed. The player with the most frags wins."



    "If you miss a player's chat message, you can use %INGAMECHAT% to display a box of all chat messages you have received.",

    "Use the link gun alt fire beam to can link up with link gun carrying teammates. While linked, the teammate will receive a significant power boost to their link gun.",

    "You can toss your current weapon for a teammate by pressing %THROWWEAPON%.",

    "Teammates who have a link gun equipped will have a green team beacon above their heads instead of the standard yellow beacon.",

    "Press %VOICETALK% to voice chat with your team.",

    "Press %TEAMTALK% and type your message to send text messages to other team members.",

    "The text-to-speech feature that makes the game read text messages aloud can be enabled in the audio settings menu.")

    Description="Two teams duke it out in a quest for battlefield supremacy. The team with the most total frags wins."


    stats for specific servers thread:


    places to download/find Ut2k4 maps/mods/mutators: (of course)


    How do I permanently save cached (downloaded) maps?

    Check out these threads:


    How can I fly the spacefighter without it blowing up on spawn?

    First of all I wanna say that ive only tested this in onslaught but it *might* work in onther game modes also.
    So here we go:

    Enter a game and type "god", then "playersonly" in the console without the ". After that type the following in the console (pick one):

    for human spaceship:
    summon UT2k4AssaultFull.ASVehicle_SpaceFighter_Human

    for skaarj spaceship: summon

    K, now the spacefighter should have spawned, exit out of the console, DONT MOVE YOUR CHARACTER, just press the button you use to get into vechiles. After that you should be in the spacefighter! ok now open the console and type "playersonly" again, without the ". This will unfreeze the action. To slow down the spacefighter press backwards, to speed up press forwards. Shooting weapons works the same as the raptor. You can cycle your secondary fire targets using the prev and next weapon buttons. Thats basically it. have fun guys!
    To do siderolls press space then a strafe button (prob a or d) The reason why i told you to put in godmode is because if ur ighter hits into an object then it goes poof, but if ur a safe driver, then by all means turn it off. Secondary fire will take out a tank in 2 shots, but it has trouble taking out raptors sometimes.

    I took some screenshots and want them hosted, whats a good place?

    Try these:

    Go here to see a huge list of image hosting sites with descriptions and ratings:


    Server admins, I recommend you try this addon for UT2k4:

    What is it?

    UT2Vote is probably the most sophisticated voting system available for Unreal Tournament. Beyond simple mapvoting, it also allows your players or subordinate admins to do anything from selecting gametypes, mutators, and weapon arenas. They can also kick misbehaving players, configure clanmatches, change individual game settings and more.

    To learn how to setup map vote with the games built in functions,
    go here:


    I want to host peoples maps/mods/mutators, whats a good host?

    Heres a site which contains the links to other free hosting sites:


    How can I turn off fog in the game? Will sliding the fog distance bar (located in the settings/display tab) all the way to the left help?

    There is no way to turn off fog in the game, the fog distance bar only affects relative scaling of distance fog.

    Note: for better performance, set the bar on high values.


    Where can I download the demo/ dedicated retail server/dedicated demo server/fansite kit?

    go here:


    What movements can I do in the game? (from ut2k3)

    Jump: press space (default)

    Dodge: you dodge (tap movement key twice, like RIGHT, RIGHT)

    Double jump: you jump while in mid-air just after jumping (JUMP, JUMP)

    Diagonal dodge: use it to move faster or dodge a bit farther by dodging diagonally, usually in the direction you're currently moving. (hold FORWARD, look 56 degrees left, RIGHT, RIGHT)

    Dodge jump: you dodge then jump while in mid-air (RIGHT, RIGHT, JUMP)

    Diagonal dodge jump: most useful sequence to move faster, a diagonal dodge where you jump while in mid-air to maintain horizontal dodge speed increasing travel distance (DIAGONAL DODGE, JUMP)

    Wall dodge: a dodge that only works if you're near a wall (doesn't work on static meshes and some irregular walls), useful to dodge while in mid-air (JUMP while standing close to a wall or JUMP against a wall, DODGE in the direction opposite to the wall)

    Wall dodge jump: a wall dodge where you jump right after dodging, increases travel distance and height (WALL DODGE, JUMP)

    Double jump wall dodge: like a wall dodge, only you double jump before performing the wall dodge (DOUBLE JUMP while standing close to a wall or DOUBLE JUMP against a wall, DODGE in the direction opposite to the wall)

    Diagonal wall dodge: a wall dodge where you face the wall diagonally and dodge diagonally away from the wall, increasing travel distance a bit (JUMP while facing/moving diagonally towards a wall, DODGE in a diagonal direction away from the wall)

    Diagonal wall dodge jump: you can figure this one out.

    Double jump diagonal wall dodge: self-explanatory. See double jump wall dodge.

    Lift jump: a jump performed while in an moving lift that adds to your travelling speed/distance. (board a lift, JUMP while it's moving)

    Weapon jump: use a weapon's knockback to add speed to your jump, usually harming the player. Can be done with weapons like the shield gun, shock rifle secondary, flak cannon secondary, rocket launcher, even the redeemer, and can be used in conjuction with other jumps (aim at wall/floor, JUMP and FIRE simultaneously)

    Boost dodge: this is a very unique jump that can only be performed while standing close to a wall (like with the wall dodges, but it is not qualified as a wall dodge) and requires a special keystroke sequence. You must tap a direction key, jump and tap that direction key again. It only works if the tapping of direction keys is within the dodge double-click time. So if your dodge double-click time is set to 0.25s, you must tap the key, jump, then tap it again within 0.25s of the first tap. It's like a double tap with a jump in between. (stand close to a wall, tap movement key opposite to wall, JUMP, tap movement key again)

    Jump boost dodge: you jump before performing the boost dodge, providing greater initial height and travel distance(JUMP, BOOST DODGE)

    Boost dodge jump: a boost dodge where you jump again while in mid-air, providing even greater travel distance than a jump boost dodge(BOOST DODGE, JUMP)

    Diagonal boost dodge: a boost dodge where you face the wall diagonally and boost dodge in the opposite diagonal direction, going even farther (stand close to wall diagonally, tap movement key diagonally away from wall, JUMP, tap movement key again)

    Diagonal boost dodge jump: self-explanatory. It's the farthest you can go by yourself without the help of a lift (DIAGONAL BOOST DODGE, JUMP)

    TIP #1: there is some control over speed and direction while in mid-air, so to increase travelling distance or control, it is recommended that you hold the movement key towards the desired direction of movement while jumping or dodging.
    TIP #2: when lift jumping, time yourself to jump when the lift is moving at its highest speed.
    TIP #3: practice, practice, practice!

    NOTE: these jumps are not made up, they actually work and correspond to the names they received. Of course there are more possible combinations like a diagonal weapon double lift jump or something, but they are not worth mentioning. Some combinations are not possible though, like a double jump wall dodge jump, since you can't jump a third time after double jumping.

    taken from:


    Is there another server browser for ut2004, except for all seeing eye?

    Yes, theres also gamespy arcade and all seeing eye

    all seeing eye link:


    Where can I find a list for ut2k4 mods?

    Go here:

    Starting a clan?

    Check this out:


    Heres some advanced weapons info:
    (by fila)

    Assault Rifle
    Ammuniton(start): 100 bullets 4 granades

    damage per shoot: 7
    shot per second: 7
    damage per second: 49

    damage per shoot: 63
    shot per second: 1,2
    damage per second: 76

    Bio Rifle
    Ammuntion(start/max) 20/50

    damage per shoot: 35
    shot per second: 4
    damage per second: 140

    damage per shoot: 220
    shot per second: 0,4
    damage per second: 88

    Shock Rifle
    Ammuntion(start/max) 20/50

    damage per shoot: 45
    shot per second: 1,6
    damage per second: 72

    damage per shoot:36-40
    shot per second: 1,9
    damage per second: 68-76

    Link Gun
    Ammuntion(start/max) 70/220

    damage per shoot: 30
    shot per second: 5,5
    damage per second: 165

    damage per shoot: 9
    shot per second: 9
    damage per second: 81

    Mini gun
    Ammunition(start/max): 150/250

    damage per shoot: 6-8
    shot per second: 16
    damage per second: 96-128

    damage per shoot: 14-16
    shot per second: 5,5flak
    damage per second: 77-88

    Ammunition(start/max): 15/35

    damage per shoot: 117
    shot per second: 1,3
    damage per second: 152

    damage per shoot: 90-120
    shot per second: 1
    damage per second: 90-120

    Rocket Launcher
    Ammunition(start/max) 12/30

    damage per shoot: 90-95
    shot per second: 1,3
    damage per second: 117-123

    damage per shoot: 270
    shot per second: 0,5
    damage per second: 135

    Lightning Gun
    Ammunition(start/max) 15/40

    damage per shoot: 70 (140 hs)
    shot per second: 0,7
    damage per second: 49 (98 hs)

    Sniper Gun
    Ammunition(start/max) 15/35

    damage per shoot: 60 (120 hs)
    shot per second: 0,9
    damage per second: 54 (108 hs)

    hs = headshot
    pri = primary
    sec = secondary
    start = ammunition on pickup
    max = maximal ammunition


    You can find info / download link for the latest anti tcc here, along with mutators such as double damage, and the no flying leviathan fix:


    If you want to be able to aim easily while in 3rd person view try this mutator:

    lots of good links posted in this thread about ued3 tutorials...

    Is there an instant messenger made specifically for gamers?

    Yes its called x-fire. Find more about it here:


    See WHEN your friends are playing online games
    See WHAT game they are playing
    See WHERE they are playing
    And JOIN their game with just one click!
    Plus, unlike existing Instant Messengers, Xfire lets you receive IM's without disrupting your game!

    very useful thread pertaining to mods that have been released for ut2k4:

    Arctic Stronghold Strategies thread:


    Great keybind guide: (useful keybinds)


    Uses for grenade launcher:


    Classic maps remade for ut2k4:


    Commands for joining/leaving voip channels:

    Join and leave

    Found from:


    What is utan?

    Find out here:


    How do i change the names of weapons that the screen displays when i select a weapon?

    answer can be found here:

    Is your ut2004 reg entry screwed up? get the fixer here:

    Version 1.2 direct link:

    Use at your own discretion


    How can i convert sm3 music to ogg?

    Check here:


    Does ut2k4 start minimized for you all the time/most of the time?

    Check here on how to fix this:


    Think youve seen an aimbot? check the aimbot spot guide (speculation):


    Do you get an error message when starting up unreal ed due to the following:

    Can't find edit package 'BulletTime'

    History: UEditorEngine::Init <- UUnrealEdEngine::Init <- InitEngine

    Check here for the solution:

    Some more Tips & Tricks for UT2004's "Onslaught" mode:

    AVRiL: The AVRiL levels the playing field between vehicles and pedestrians, but there are a number of tips that can tilt the advantage even more strongly in the ground pounders favor. A favorite tactic around the Epic offices is to purposely fire the AVRiL at nothing but blue sky. Once the missile has covered some distance, the player THEN locks onto an enemy vehicle. If done correctly you can reduce the "Missile Lock" warning the enemy player gets to almost nothing and ensure a satisfying hit. Don't get too cocky, however. AVRiL missiles, like the Redeemer are somewhat vulnerable in flight. An eagle-eyed sniper can detonate the warhead well away from its target if they're paying attention.

    Burning Wrecks: When vehicles meet their inevitable destruction, their inertia and mass transform them into a hazard for both sides. These flaming husks can crush people on foot, force emergency detours for other vehicles, and just in general make the environment that much more hostile to living creatures. Exploit this fact, and even though you may be already dead (thus the burning wreck), you can still rack up the kills.

    Falling Vehicles: Something that many people might miss is that players fall faster from a height than vehicles do. On Torlan Tower in the demo, many a Raptor has cart wheeled off the edge of an under fire attempt to pick up the Redeemer. When this happens, though, you definitely have a chance to catch the tumbling vehicle. Just tap the "Use" key when in range of the vehicle and you can pull off the kind of stunts normally reserved for Hollywood stuntmen. A nice side benefit of this is that all falling damage is removed if you manage to get into the vehicle. This allows you to sometimes survive falls that would normally splatter you across the landscape (just remember to pull up as the vehicles inertia isn't zeroed out).

    Link Gun: The link gun is arguably the most important weapon in Onslaught. The secondary fire is not only indispensable for repairing vehicles and turrets, but it can also greatly accelerate the capture of a node. This effect is enhanced even more if you "chain" a number of people using the link gun (in other words, link to a person, who is linked to a person, who is linked to a node). This increases the effect of the beam more than if the three were capturing the node independently. Be careful, however, as unscrupulous manta pilots will often look for these pyramids of beams as signs that a group of players is nearby. Two or three linked teammates healing a Goliath can make that tank virtually indestructible.

    Manta Tricks: The manta is, in many ways, the supreme anti-infantry vehicle. Its ability to crouch or slam down onto enemies allows it to ambush and eliminate foes before they even know what hit them. The flat, low wings of the Manta also allow it to flip other vehicles, ejecting their occupants from the cockpit. Try to get a wing under a Hellbender for instance, use the "jump" key, and wreak havoc among the confused pedestrians.

    Get to nodes fast with the Scorpion. Scorpion: A great and fast recon vehicle, the Scorpion is well-equipped to tackle both infantry and hard targets. Everyone knows about the "hedge clipper" blades that the secondary fire extends, but few realize how lethal the Bolo weapon is against Mantas. Those huge air intakes on the sides of the Manta will suck the sticky green weapon discharge right into its fans, almost guaranteeing one dead pilot. Additionally, sometimes fully charging the Bolo isn't the best solution for dishing out the most damage. A number of quick, three-ball bursts against a power node can quickly eat it away to nothing.

    Spider Mines: Spider mines can be something of a finesse weapon, especially when used with the following tactics. One strategy is to deploy the mines on the hood of a friendly vehicle. This creates something of an automatic defense network around the vehicle that triggers when an enemy gets close. Additionally, Spider mines are great backup when none of your teammates can be found. What better cover for capturing a node than dropping a few Spider mines around the area to notify you when an enemy approaches, or even better, deals with the threat itself.

    Sticky Grenades: Sticky grenades are a great way to ratchet up the destructive power of vehicles and other weapons. When combined with Spider mines, they pack a far greater wallop than the Spider mines alone. Now when you steer them into the path on an oncoming tank, they actually have a chance to destroy it. Covering a vehicle in grenades also creates a moving bomb, one that can be carefully positioned or rammed directly into an enemy power core. Think of Sticky grenades as a tool for turning up the volume UT2004's already lethal pantheon of vehicles and weapons.

    Taken from:


    instagib tips can be found here:


    What is ut2004 ece? Ece stand for editors choice edition,

    you can find some more info about it in this thread:


    Looking for ut2k4 vechile tips? Check out this thread (opinions)


    Tips for improving in ut2004 :


    Info posted by mohlraax:

    how do i make my own loading screen?

    check here:


    info posted by s.est:

    When you join a server that becomes full just the moment you started connecting, you will get stuck at the loading screen. Instead of pressing CtrlAltDelete, press ~ and type "disconnect" to get back to the server browser. You don't see the console, but it's there.


    Info posted by [NBS]Flak:

    Helpful screenshot binds:

    freezeall -Stops the action
    lockcamera 1 -locks the camera
    slomo 0.50 -slows the action to 50%
    slomo 1.00 -takes the action back to normal
    freecamera 1 -lets you move the camera around your player


    Links to useful ut2k4 utilities can be found here:



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            My custom crosshair tutorial at UnrealOps :up:


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              My custom crosshair tutorial at UnrealOps :up:
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                    Welcome back FAQ!


                      Rendering Modes
                      To use these, run UT2K4 and start a game of instant action. Open the console and type in one of the following commands:

                      rmode 1 = render only wireframe
                      rmode 2 = zone view (forces all BSP to change to the color of the zone which it is in. statics are not effected)
                      rmode 3 = texture use (only applies to BSP- not to static mesh)
                      rmode 4 = turns all bsp white. statics have normal lighting applied (I am not sure of the purpose for this render mode)
                      rmode 5 = render NORMAL
                      rmode 6 = render with no shadows (unlit)
                      rmode 7 = lighting mode
                      rmode 8 = visualizing overdraw mode

                      I use these a lot for mapping/video editing.

                      If you have corrections please tell me.


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