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Internet Relay Chat: Guide for Beginners

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    Internet Relay Chat: Guide for Beginners

    Help to get IRC started:

    This is a simple guide, for people who might want to find our way to get to our Community Channel, or Other clan Channels. It also shows you a little bit more, and will always get updated.

    Internet Relay Chat

    Downloading the software:
    To get the list of country downloads go to .

    1.Configuring the software:

    In the MIRC options, enter the required details such as Name, Nickname & Email address (This is all in the connect section of the options). To Connect to a Server, go to the Servers, sub tab underneath the Connect tab. Then move across to the IRC Server Box, and select the appropriate one, ( In this case Quakenet). Then Connect to server.

    2.Once Connected:

    A large box shall come down with writing which displays server rules and help. In the type box, you can do multiple commands, but to join a channel you do /join [#Channel] Example: /join #dbcommunity. This will then connect you to the required channel you want.

    3.The more complex stuff:
    If your in a clan, or want to play in Pickup games you will need a Auth. An Auth is like an identification tag for you. Once signed up you get your own username and password.

    To request this auth, do this command in the server box /msg Q HELLO user@mymailhost.xx user@mymailhost.xx Example: /msg Q HELLO

    Once this has being done an email will be sent to you with your new auth line. To successfully auth copy the line of command which was sent to you and paste it in the server box or any channel but be carefully when doing this in public channels that you don’t forget to put / or you will spam your Auth to everyone in that channel.

    Congratulations you have just Authed 

    You probably don’t want to copy and paste that command line everytime you go into IRC, which brings me to my next Section in this guide….


    Perform means Automatic Join… for example if you connect to Quakenet all the time and you always go to #dbcommunity, why not let IRC do that for you? That’s what perform does, you put the commands in which you would do in the Server box and it will automatically do them for when you connect! This is highly recommended, especially for the people who have Auth commands, and go to lots of channels very often.

    Go to the options tab in the MIRC options, (It’s a sub section still under Connect) Then click on perform tab… A small box will open up. Click on Add and you can put the required server in. For this example Enter Quakenet, and add it…

    Then in the typing space enter the commands you want MIRC to do for you when you connect to Quakenet.

    An Example of this is:

    /join #a51-clan
    /join #deathball
    /join #dbpickup
    /join #ut2004.jolt
    /join #e-leagues
    /join #dbcommunity
    /join #flau

    Its wise to include your Authline here as well.

    Then tick the box which says “enable perform on connect”

    So now you have your Auth line, you know how to connect to channels and you know how to auth connect to servers and channels.

    5.In the Channel:

    People  You will see people with such Symbols near there name, this is what they mean:

    @ = Channel Admin

    6.A Topic:

    The topic is what the channel is currently talking about, there biggest point or favourite interest, an example of this is:

    Topic is ' 4»« ONS League Week 5 - Frostbite (side nodes link setup) - Tonight! '

    7.A Welcome Message:

    The welcome message is the most important information for people entering the channel, it shows what the channel is about and can give links and certain commands which are enabled also important relevant information. An example of this is:

    For a clan:

    -L- [#a51-clan] 10»A51« 15Unreal Tournament 2004 Clan 15Server: 10ut2004:// 15WebSite: 15Join Application: 10 15| Server Host: 10 15Commands: 10 !show !forum


    For a league:

    -L- [#e-leagues] 10E-Leagues 7Unreal Tournament 2004 League 3Server/s: 10Deathmatch 7ut2004:// 10Onslaught: 7ut2004:// 10WebSite: 7 10Forums: 7

    You see they show the important information!

    8.If you want to contact someone privately and send:

    Double clicking on someone’s name in the channel will open up a new window and enable you to start a private chat, with that person. If you want to send that person a file, right click on there name and go to DCC Send.

    9.Change the Background Image of your Chat Windows:

    On the top of MIRC you have the Toolbar commands, Directly under it, you should have the channel listings, if you right click on a channel name, a list of options will drop down, go to background and then select the .. wait for it... Select option then browse the picture you want and oh wait for it again.... select it

    10.Change your Nickname:

    To change your nickname simply, type /nick and your required Nickname, An Example of this is: /nick Ash . You may find An error like `Ash Nickname is already in use`.

    11.Sending a message to all the channels you are in:

    To send a message to all channels you are in type /amsg before your desired text, An Example of this is: /amsg 10E-Leagues 7Unreal Tournament 2004 League 3Server/s: 10Deathmatch 7ut2004:// 10Onslaught: 7ut2004:// 10WebSite: 7 10Forums: 7 Join the League!

    Or more simply;

    /amsg Can anyone tell me where i can download, the new Unreal Tournament 2004 patch?

    12.How to edit your messages apperance:

    Ctrl & U = Underlining your text Message
    Ctrl & K= Choosing the colour of your text message
    Ctrl & B= Making your text message, bold

    13.Want to find out what channels/Personal Infomation a person is on/is:

    To find out this infomation, you must Whois the person. You can do this in Two ways:

    1. Right Click the person's name
    Go to infomation
    Whois Info

    2. Type in the Console
    /whois [ Name of person ]
    E.g /Whois A51-Ash-DBC

    14.Private Commands for channel operators:

    /msg L CHANLEV #channel [nick] [flags]

    Changes the users access rights for a channel. If no user or flags are
    specified, then the access rights for the entire channel are printed. Use
    nick for online users and #authname for offline users. You need be either
    the owner (+n) or the master (+m) of the channel to change the access
    right for the channel. Only the owner (+n) can set or unset the master
    flag. If the user has no flags for the channel, the user is added
    to the channel and if all flags are removed, the user is removed
    aswell. To remove a user, just remove all the flags the user has for the
    channel. Supported flags are:

    a auto Auto-ops or autovoices a user on join to channel
    g auto Works only for the +v flag
    m master Can set users access rights for channel
    n owner Like master but can set masters for channel
    o op Has the right for mode +o on channel
    v voice Has the right for mode +v on channel

    Example: /msg L chanlev #mychannel
    /msg L chanlev #mychannel myfriend +ao
    /msg L chanlev #mychannel #myfriendsauthname +maov

    This guide will be constantly upgraded through time...

    I hope this guide answers your problems and querys



    IRC: Quakenet : #E-Leagues #a51-clan #db-pickup

    nice but well... some users will need screenshots to see "where" you type /join etc and such...

    but nice :up: keep up the good work


      Olive and darkred are not good color selections for title breaks. (just fyi). Nice guide otherwise.





          This was definitely needed, thanks!


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                Dang I thought this was going to tell me how to change the default network/channel in 2K4 and have it stay that way.