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EPIC: problem with maxclientframerate ?

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    EPIC: problem with maxclientframerate ?

    I'm not whining here, just for those lame flamers ...

    I know it will use more bandwith, but that is not the problem, the server itself is also not the problem.

    The option gets activated whenever you use a higher netspeed then 10000. And I have VSYNC enabled so I can get 120 frames per second .... maxclientframerate=120

    Weird thing is, I begin to play, and everything is fine with those options. I get a nice 120 fps synced with my monitor, but after some time, when I move forward I get weird things like I'm being pulled back sometimes ... and I know it's not a problem with the bandwith (which usually is the main problem) because it works fine at the beginning, which can vary from 5 minutes gameplay to 10 minutes or more, even sometimes I play a map to the end without the problem, then another map loads , I play for some time again, and then it suddenly appears, this makes me thinks there's something else going a miss ...

    Example, I join a server with 8 people, I activate netspeed 11000 (or 12500 for that matter) and everything works fine, until after a few minutes (which can be as small as 3, or as large as 15 minutes ....) , it gets that 'pullback' problem ....

    I'm thinking there's something going a miss after some time in the engine, I can't explain it exactly ofcourse or else I wouldn't be making a post here ... but I'm 100% sure it's not a bandwith problem and my card can give those fps's without a problem ... so it's not my card, not my pc, not the bandwith, I think there are some bugs left concerning this option, that's all ...

    Have you guys seen the same problem ?
    (not for me alone no, many people have this problem atm)

    Thanks anyway ...


    (no comments on, use 85 instead etc, if so you're a .... , I'm not here to hear that)

    Hmm this might have been a problem client side on my pc, not sure yet but I think I've found the solution. Will update later if it turns out to be true.

    In that case, sorry for making this and I'll close it asap.


      in case u dont know. the max client junk dont work. it was just something they threw in to keep us competative players shut up.


        ROFL, hahahaha LOOOL

        I'm sorry but it does work, I continously play with 120 fps, ONLINE ...

        Only problem is when there's more then 8 to 9 players on a server it seems ... then the overhead on the server gets too much I think, but still not sure about that ...

        In any case, it WORKS !