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RPG Deathmatch! :) New players start @ lvl 20 now

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    Originally posted by MechaFubs
    There are 11 replies to this thread (not including this one): Only 4 of them are from anyone but yourself.

    Just stop spamming your own threads - if people are interested then they will post and the thread will float. If people are not interested then the thread will die... this is how forums work.

    It should be obvious by now that no-one is really interested about this, or any of your other threads about the same subject and you should let this one die and never make another.
    It's my thread, I can do what I want with it! Go troll somewhere else...


      I don't mind the occasional RPG invasion game. Currently on vehicle/invasion on ONS maps. That new satore monster pack is the balls, the original invasion monsters were pretty limited before satore came about.

      Problem with RPG for me is that as soon as you get to a certain level and become too powerful (with extremely large amounts of damage bonus/damage reduction) you just seem to lose interest. They need a way to extend the length of the gameplay at the higher levels of ability. Its a good challenge at the start of a new game because you never last more than 5 minutes if your lucky :up: