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Any upcoming UTV?

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    Any upcoming UTV?

    Are there any upcoming UTV broadcasts that are worth watching (and avalabe to the public, such as me )

    I am pretty sure MidnightQ3 (ie d'midnight) is running a TDM tourney with some top notch teams, that is probably the most likely option.

    I haven't seen him around here lately though so I guess I can go ask him over on proU.


      dunno about UTV but:
      (21:22:04) (@drakiR`dD) a-L.MSI vs JP - ClanBase UT2004 TDM Summer Cup - 1/4 Final - Shoutcast: - IRC Rep in =)

      Quakenet ofc


        Yes, I would love it if you guys would come and watch the TDM action as the top teams in America get it on. ( :bulb: that came out sounding like a ***** sorry) Matches are Sundays and Wednesdays at 9:30 est.

        anyway, to connect, launch UT2k4 and type this into the console:


        You can set this as a favorite as well.

        Also, while you're watching please listen to the shoutcast that we do live for the matches. We do our best to call the action and give some insight into what the teams are doing.


        You can open that with any mp3 player like media player, winamp, itunes, etc.

        If you have problems, or just to chat with the other 100 or so ppl watching the games, stop by the official IRC channel #naltdm on for help or the latest connection info. We will be starting up additional UTV servers soon so you can watch different games.

        If you are interested in competing, get a team together and signup. The website is