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problem with latest patch?

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    some of you people are complete and utter friggin moroons.

    i posted in a couple of threads as i realised the issue was turning up more often but under different headings.

    brom - go jam it up your proverible .. dont call me an idiot, i know what i am talking about. i wont accept a drop in quality of something that was already working well.

    if you and the others like you are such insensitive buffoons that cant noticed the performance issues than obviously you aren't playing the game - or aren't playing it well.

    if you cant support me in this then drop dead, cos i will continue to protest about this major problem, and i hope that the others who realise this problem exists will back me on the protest.

    it's not me, not my computer, not my ISP, it's Unreal, and anti-tttcccc that are the problem - wake up fools


      i have also noticed the inviso shells, and other burps. This is a legitimate problem. The anti tcc...well I did come across a cheater recently, and the main problem was afk admin. I was flamed for posting about it, and told by penguin "this is not the place" on the second thread for which I recieved wl. I was upset it at the time, the cheater (s..kmyd..k) was so blatent and I was helpless to do anything about it. (y I got a demo not that anyone cared)

      Ok the point....I think anti tcc is not the solution, and here we see how it has even made the game worse. The solution is ban cd key first ask questions later. I was told 12 million posts have been made "cheating in progress" well call ,me crazy but catching the cheater in the act is parmount to dishing wl's for bad board etiquet.

      So...In a perfect ut universe a "cheating in progress" post is made and someone official goes to the server to witness and record.......then bye bye cheater cd key! Good luck on your appeal.