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UT2004 - Petition for an Official Game Type -{Epic Please Consider}-

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: UT2004 - Petition for an Official Game Type -{Epic Please Consider}-

    Originally posted by Imaginos
    I guess you could look at it that way. As far as Epic is concerned though, they have a feature-complete product and it is in the hands of the community to mod and add content to it at this point. They went so far as to release the source to a small group of programmers that are continuing the anti-cheat/exploit updates. For them to back up and put time and money into a finished product isn't feasible. To make UT2003 more attractive to UT99 players though.. there's a niche that some ambitious coder might try to make a name for himself attempting.. If he does well, there's likely a job offer to follow..

    On the flipside of the coin, I'm happy to see UT still chugging along and I will admit it's still installed on my gamer rig. Like a first love, it's tough to let go.. While it's not as flashy and impressive as 2003, it's still the good people you game with online that keeps this game alive. It's got a ways to go, but I hope it breaks the longevity record of counterstrike, quake, Q2, all the classics. I know I'll do my part to help that happen. Daughter and I love Jailbreak with friends and Morpheus will forever be my favorite map.. Come what may though, the Epic crew needs new challenges. They move onward and upward looking to invent the next best thing. I will go along for that ride too, knowing fully well I will always have something to fall back to.
    In the meantime, embrace change. Try something new. Most importantly, let them create. Who knows what will come along next?
    nice post and i too liked jailbreak it was funny as all get out.... but i guess my only concern is this, if as you say they can not back up well......ut2003 is not exactly tearing up the internet if ya know what i mean..seems to me that instead of following a formula that worked and had a following they instead decided to ditch the old school players and create a whole new community well with one game a year which version do you get attached to i sure can not stand to plat 2k3 for very long periods of time as it gives me a horrible headache straining to see people on the maps i just play UT till the cheaters tottaly take over then they can bot each other..peace man


      Sure, add it.

      Better idea, dont wait for Epic to make it.
      Get your favorite coders and mappers over to BeyondUnreal forums: UTR and after its made, tell your competitive league admins to use it, dont ask them to....


        Ahhh. Ok. This is a bit of betrayal, maybe abandonment on Epic's part. We all partly feel that way, sure, but if they started cranking out mutant clone games like diablo 2, I would have been upset.. (And yet I couldn't get enough of the Return to Na'Pali and Operation Na'Pali missions)
        When it comes to shooters like UT99 though, the formula was more like timing. A great internet multiplayer game that could draw a crowd to itself in a time that other shooters were trying to do the same thing. It succeeded at that and earned a loyal following. Epic has certainly gone further than most in repaying that loyalty. Did we pay for bonus packs? Hell no.. Can't say the same for other companies like Id, Blizzard, EA.. (valve?)
        Could they really continue to support the older platforms? Not under the current business model, maybe under a subscription (Gah!!) one? Doubtful. They've tapped the franchise for a while now, and hate to admit it, the dollar is what moves the mountains. UT99 just isn't making any new cash. They have no choice but to try and top the success of it and open a fresh market. Is UT2k3 the way to do it? Well..... since UT2k4 will be what the product should have been, I'll wait and see. With the bar having been set pretty high already, it's going to take a lot of new dazzle to draw people away from old favorites.

        ps - totally agree on the visibility issues on UT2k3. Brightskins helps a little at least.


          Well i would just like a little of your time. i'm 44 years old never played any kind of vidieo game before unless it was with my kids and recived a asskicking from them. Atari, play station ect....
          Then one day my son came to my house and loaded a game on to my computer ( it was UT 99) and he had a Mac at home. So he'd come over and play it he was 21 by the way. I watch him play a couple times. One day when i came home from work i got on the computer and started the game played with in the game itself,it was all right, but not a lot of fun so i went online and played got spank didn't know a thing. this all happen about 14 months ago. by the time i started to learn how to play 2003 came out so i bought it.and started to play them both well that lasted about 2 weeks and i never turn 2003 on again. untill about 3 weeks ago. but thats another story.

          Well i said i never played games that much before and if you think i suck at games you should have seen me on a computer. Well i started playing UT99 full on 5 to 7 days a week 3 to 6 hour a nite. Just couldn't stop. Now i'm pretty good, not great. But i know how to use a computer now , I also started a Clan and have my Own Server and also a Website witch i maintane. all in one years time.

          Also brought at least 6 to 8 new players to the game and they have gotten others to join in. Also in the last 6 month about 6 new Clan have come to the game that weren't there before.

          Well our Clan Added a 2003 server to our list of online gaming so now i play 2003 not because i like it cause i don't, I play it because 4 or 5 guys in the Clan like to play it.
          So this post isn't to bash 2003 it's to help UT99 if you enjoy the game PLAY IT,,,, TELL OTHERS THAT HAVE NEVER PLAYED IT,,,, start a NEW CLAN incorparate 2003 into your list of online gaming that wish to play both and keep it alive that way. I have put tons of time and the sum of about $2000.00 into my server and Website. Ut 99 is the game for me and don't worry some one out there will build a new master server if Epic shuts theres down for all who love the game maybe some one out there already has it.
          You never Know


            44 years old and you choose Violator as nick? Nahh!

            Good post anyway. Personally I regret leaving the UT community, since I enjoyed UT more and its community is bigger and more healthy than the current, almost nonexistent, UT2003 community.