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[HW]wanna buy a new hd

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    [HW]wanna buy a new hd

    I could get this one:
    Western-Digital 200GB (WD2000JB)
    200 GB UDMA-100, 8MB Cache, 7200UPM

    for 125 € (with shipping)

    or this one:

    Western-Digital 160GB (WD1600BB)

    160.0 GB, Ultra ATA/100, 3.5 ", 7200 UPM, 100 MB/s, 8.9 ms, Puffer 2048 KB

    for 90 €.(with shipping)

    Are there any differences in speed or noise they make?Does any1 have any of these?Are there any cheaper 200(+) mb hd´s?

    i would take the one with 8mb cache


      Originally posted by fiLa
      i would take the one with 8mb cache
      Will that make a big speed difference or something?


        yup, once your hd has been full of illegal material best to smash it up and buy a new one

        my brothers mate has a physicaly seperate HD for all his **** etc.

        LOL just rememberd this guy LOVES the **** has has a collection of faves built up since the net begun. Once when we were about 13 he called up my bro - he was NEARLY IN TEARS because he had accidently deleted his naughtly pictures folder!!!!! - all his **** gone.

        It was so funny man he was really really upset.

        Remember this was back before the hun and p2p etc, so youd try to find indexes and the pic would D/L S L O W L Y so losing alot would mean something to a 13 year old boy

        i guess this is why he takes precautions!


          Theres very little difference between these two models - even the average latency is identical, but the big difference is the cache - go for the 8mb buffer WD2000JB one it will make all the difference to gaming!!!!²®

          WD are arguably the best HDD manufacturers - if u choose either them or Seagate u cant go wrong. :up:



            Another 4 WL´s for you fumed?

            edit:thx pacmaan,gonna get the bigger one


              why man?

              i only got 2 more days here so...hummm..dont really matter...

              i thought it was a good story. what was wrong with it?


                No,yesterday you had 4,now you got 8
                and why do you only got 2 more days here? :weird:


                  oh yeah, four for being mean about that guys mum, well deserved

                  the other four because.... perhaps penguins (as in the brid species) are known for man on man action

                  ONly 2 more days till i go stay with a freind!!

                  no net there so no INA or UT

                  but at the start of september i get net, house, food etc etc.... also girls!! yay!!

                  bit of an issue with my housemates as i slept with this girl whos going out with this guy... she is living with me he is not

                  BUT his freinds live in this house im gonna stay in till september....

                  this girl and guy are on holiday together (we messed around just b4 they went) and i just hope they dont come back early... could be a bit gay.. Glad none of these people play UT lol....

                  so thats my life at the moment... wat bout u?

                  oh and didnt u think that story was funny?? :down:


                    I dont think Western Digital HDD's should be regarded as the best at any rate, simply because its been demonstrated over and over again that they fail to properly test each of their products correctly, although the ones that do work are good, the ones with problems well of course make the company look bad. If Western Digital spent time to fully check their products, or added more precautions when creating the technology they wouldn't build some defective units that bust within a months time.

                    Of course all IDE manufacturers have their problems, and occassionally have defective units, western digital is by far the worst in terms of total number of defective units. In reality no HDD is truely "good" however in terms of value, and what its worth, go for seagate. Quality parts are more important then performance pieces, as you know the "quality" in "quality parts" must be long standing, stable, and sturdy, they way businesses like it.


                      kinda on topic: should i buy WD or Maxtor? Prices are the same