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    Originally posted by nathjan
    Powernode #1 is locked, but it shouldn't be.
    Actually this just isn't true. If you look closely you will see that the pic was taken from Node 5, and although Red's base node is gone, Node 1 is only vulnerable If and only If Node 5 is completed. Clearly you can see in the picture that Node 5 is not done being constructed, so it makes absolutely all the sense in the world that node 1 is locked but losing power because it isn't connected to Red's base node.


      dude, the thing with the hellbender isn't weird, it's just ****ed up. If thats weird than that happens like every hellbenderrace game i play(i don't play many though ) *don't hurt me* But i guess it might be weird to everyone else.

      edit: did anyone think about there might be an invisible person in it!