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[ot] (i guess) thinking of selling some stuff

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    i think that if you really want to upgrade ur pc that much then you should sell your other stuff. it sounds like you have a lot of stuff maybe you should take it to a market or some sort of sale?


      Sell the stuff to some of your friends or something, you can usually cheat them out of more money than it's worth . I wouldn't really suggest getting a job during the school year, 'cause it'll just be a pain in the ***. You might have some money, but you won't have any time to spend it :bulb: . Just do odd jobs for the neighbors and people you know, it'll start to add up without being a full time pain in the ***. Getting a job over the Summer works out well, though, since you aren't already spending half your time at school =P. I'd also suggest figuring out roughly what you want to do with the money before you actually get it. How much will you spend on computer upgrades, how much on video games, how much on fake passports, etc. And in an attempt to come off as completely preachy as I possibly can, I'd suggest saving a good chunk of it; as a little kid I spent any money I came across pretty much as fast as it came to me, but after a while I realized that most of the things I was buying, I hardly used after a while. Take some time and think out your purchases; will you actually use them, or are they just more "cool stuff?" The upshot of not buying stuff now is that you'll have plenty of money later, should the need arise. When I didn't have a job, I kept a cushion of about three hundred dollars that I only dipped into once or twice (and I can't for the life of me remember what I bought when I dipped into it, so it couldn't have been anything all that important =P ), in case I should suddenly need funds for something or other.

      In short:
      1. Don't work during the school year, but DO get a Summer job. (and for the love of Strom, NOT a fast food job!)
      2. Sell stuff you don't ever use.
      3. Save some money

      That's all from preachy ol' me, and more than you wanted to begin with =P.


        for 1 weekend..
        8 hours a day..
        stand on the busiest street corner you can find holding a sign that says:

        Please Help Me Upgrade My PC Before School Starts!!

        dress nicely.
        you will be suprised how many people donate some cash.


          ok people thx for your comments. As for getting chores from my parents they always say they have some but never deliver but i guess ill wait till schools out again and get a job at the publix down the street. I think i'm gonna sell the x-box cause my friend has an x-box so i can just go to his house and play it (he has halo2 preordered) *don't hurt me*.