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[ot] (i guess) thinking of selling some stuff

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    i spend all my money on pc.
    i haven't bought a console since SNES.
    these spoiled kids think they can have it all you should pick one and stick with it...


      Originally posted by bloodwings
      i spend all my money on pc.
      i haven't bought a console since SNES.
      these spoiled kids think they can have it all you should pick one and stick with it...
      thats what i might just have too do


        Originally posted by FireCrack
        be a webmaster
        been there, done that...
        b0\v/ 70 /^\y 1337 |-|7/^\|_ $|{21|_|_$!
        @bazmoe: ph34r my drunken driving!


          Originally posted by Bullrog
          omg i know this girl who has raised like 1000+ $'s just from babysitting. I still don't know how she did it...
          You just have to sit for the right people, if they are really nice and have money they'll round up. I used to only babysit for rich people LOL.


            I have a felling your going to sell the stuff and upgrade your computer.

            You have your whole life to get a job.

            Have fun.


              Re: [ot] (i guess) thinking of selling some stuff

              Originally posted by Bullrog
              I'm at a very big disadvantage with money. I'm 14, i can't get a job, and my parents give me no allouance(sp?)(plus when i do stuff for them they give me like 5 bucks). I have a ps2 and an xbox with a couple games(3-4 for each). I'm REALLY impatient abount things and i REALLY want to upgrade my comp. I barely play with them anymore and think i should sell them, but im not sure if i should.... I have really bad sellers remorce (sold/ rebought my n64 7 times :-\) What would you guys do in my situation?
              1. get a summer job
              2. failing that get a proper job
              3. drop out of school
              4. collect panties


                Originally posted by [NBS]Flak
                I would

                mow lawns
                deliver paper
                shovel snow
                wash cars
                help the neighbors

                Thats how I bought my first bike and then a car when I turned 16.
                Whoa, I was about to post the EXACT smae thing.

                To the original poster, I would be very surprised if you went to your parents with your conundrum and they didn't present you with a list of chores or whatever to earn some money.

                The bottom line is that there is money to be made *if you want to*. When I was young, I wanted a new set of Golf Clubs (I was 14 at the time). My parents gave me a whole bunch of chores and stuff to earn them. It sucked having to work but I never cherished any golf clubs as much as I did those.

                Also, depending on where you live, you can get a special license (or something along those lines) to work when you're as young as 14.


                  I sold all my final fantasy games... : \ .....i wish i still had them


                    You could go around helping peoples computer problems and what not.


                      Originally posted by Bullrog
                      omg i know this girl who has raised like 1000+ $'s just from babysitting. I still don't know how she did it...
                      I'll tell you how she did it.


                        Well, you should become an entrepreneur and start buying cheap crappy candy at your Wal-Mart and quadrupling the price on it and selling it at school. Kid's will pay a dollar for something that is a quarter to have it right then.

                        Or you could:

                        -Become friends with a bunch of girls and start pimping them out to the football team...

                        -Crush up a bunch of SweetTarts and start dealing the powder out to the school retards...

                        -Start shakin' down your little brothers or sisters for their allowances...

                        -Invest what you have and in 59 years, get a nice new computer that you won't be able to figure out anyway...

                        Meh... sell the PS2 and Xbox and use the money on your PC, then ask for them for Christmas again, as your parents probably don't remember that they already bought you one anyway. Or you could just get a job at the local grocery store, as I did at 13. You just have to get your parents to sign a release for you and you are limited on how many hours you can work during school. Regardless of the fact it is "work", you get the money to be independent, and there is fun to be had with your co-workers as well. Two of my girlfriends in high school were girls that I worked with and got to know that way. Before you know it you'll be pimpin' that new PC and packin' more than groceries, hehe!


                          who needs consoles when you have emulators?

                          SELL IT ALL


                            You know, I'm 18, and I have the same problem. No job (currently, but looking), and when I want something new, I have to sell something to get it. Problem is, that's the worst kind of investment you can make. Every time you do, you lose money. I sold my last computer for $500, so I could buy parts for a new one. Unfortunately, I waited to long, and ended up spending the $500 on other things, so I had to spend my saved money to buy my new computer. I'm still kicking myself in the *** for it today.


                              I'll get a MX510 for being without candy, icecream and stuff like that for a whole month... :bulb:

                              Last time I were almost a year with out candy and got 100€ for that.
                              Can you imagine the candy spree of mine after the year. :haha:

                              Also I get 5€ for every good exams (somewhere it's '-9 - 10+' and somewhere it's 'B - A')...
                              So if I would've saved all the money from them I would have something like 200€ today.


                                I'm 17 and don't have an official job, but I earn money doing random jobs. This summer I've made roughly as much as if I would've worked at minimum wage all summer, like some of my peers have done. Here's what I did:

                                -Formatted & fixed up someone's computer
                                -Worked on a neighbor's porch
                                -Did some things for an elderly (99 years OLD) neighbor
                                -Built two computers for a friend and his stepdad

                                Two years ago I painted a neighbor's house. I get an allowance, but all of that goes to pay for car insurance, which leaves $0 for anything else. So, anything I buy is from work I've done. My parents won't buy me anything. My computer (built 14 months ago):

                                Asus A7N8X Deluxe 2.0
                                Athlon XP 2500+
                                Kingston 2x512mb HyperX PC3200 @ 2-2-2-11
                                ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb
                                Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
                                3Com 905CTX PCI NIC
                                Western Digital 40gb, 7200rpm, 8mb cache hd
                                Black Lite On 40x12x48 Black CD-RW
                                Black Aluminum Chieftec Dragon Server Tower w/window
                                Blue 6" Cold Cathode
                                Black Rounded IDE Cables
                                Logitech Elite keyboard
                                Logitech MX500 w/modded blue LED
                                Enermax 460W, Blue, dual fan power supply

                                It's not that special now, but the specs seemed fairly impressive when I built it. I'm saving now so I can do a complete overhaul next year before I go off to college...which I'll also be paying for :down: