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What should I bind to mouse?

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    What should I bind to mouse?

    I'm finally taking full advantage of my mx510 and am binding as much as possible to my mouse. The problem is, while the threads I've found offer some good suggestions, I still have two buttons free.

    Right now, I have a long range piped weapon list on scroll up, and short range on scroll down. Throw weapon is middle mouse, switch to best (for superweapons) is the top button, the shield is on the larger thumb button and link (set up same as shield for get, altfire, put away) is below the scroll wheel. I've still got the 2nd button under the wheel, and the small thumb button open.

    The only keyboard shortcuts I'm using are Q = xloc, and R = use, which work fine and would probably be too awkward on the buttons I have left anyway. So, the question's open - if you had room for two extra, low priority keybinds, what would you set up?

    Also, does anyone know away to get around the Grenade Launcher in ONS? I'd like to scroll down b/w Flak and Avril, rockets if I'm missing one of those, but if I get Grenade Launcher it screws me up. Is there a workaround?


    I've got the MS 3.0 optical something-something, and I bound the Shieldgun to the bigger button on the side, and my personal fave, the flak, to the smaller one... The shieldgun has way more uses, e.g., not dying.



      Enter=getweapon XWeapons.LinkGun | Button bAltFire | AltFire | Onrelease SwitchToLastWeapon
      Right=pipedswitchweapon 9 | pipedswitchweapon 4
      Left=SwitchWeapon 10
      PageDown=pipedswitchweapon getweapon onsavril | pipedswitchweapon 8
      PageUp=pipedswitchweapon 6 | pipedswitchweapon 7

      Some piped ownage


        I have a dual optical.

        Left mouse: Primary fire
        Right mouse: Shock Rifle
        Thumb button: Alt Fire
        Mwheelup: next weapon
        mwheeldown: previous weapon
        Mouse3: I dunno what I have bound, but I never use it.