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FPS on a Gforce 6800GT

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    FPS on a Gforce 6800GT

    Lo all,

    I was wondering if any good help me

    I just bought a NVIDA 6800 GT and I don't see any increase at all in fps in unreal, here are my specs

    Athlon 2400+(just ordered a 3000+)
    1gb PC3200 ram, my old card was a TI4600 and I got about 30 - 50 FPS depending on map/combat and I still get thos fps on my new card, I tried the latest drivers from nvidia and the ones that came with the card with no joy, I should be getting more right ???

    is/was my CPU holding me back ??

    You might need to do a driverclean/format, after that you should see some decent increase, but the most would be seen from a new cpu. I have an xp3200+, 512ddr, x800pro. I seen great increases over my 9600 pro, but when I get my athlon 64 3400+,1gig ram, I will see a massive increase do to the fact that my cpu won't be bottlenecking my video card.



      Re: FPS on a Gforce 6800GT

      Originally posted by Red_@y@s

      is/was my CPU holding me back ??
      Exactly, the Unreal Engine is heavily CPU dependent. Especially ONS/Assault need a strong CPU badly. Since I play only UT2 I still have my good old Geforce 4, only thing I need is a nice P4@3 Ghz.
      Your CPU has a low rating, other things to consider are RAM and Chipsets your CPU is working on. See my sig as an example what you have pay attention to. I would not buy a 3000 now, a Athlon 64 would be a worthy upgrade. The increase from a 2400 to the 3000 will be "barely" noticable.



        What graphic settings are you running. I have a BFG 6800 GT (from a 9600se). I went from 20-30 fps (In onslaught) on meduim graphics to 60-80 fps on holy **** graphics. Try putting all your settings on high and see what you get. I think the only time my card dropped below 30 fps was in a frostbite game with 32 players, which most of the players happen to be at the center node with both tanks and firing everything they got. Turn you graphics to full and tell us what you get


          Originally posted by Mostly_Harmless
          I went from 20-30 fps (In onslaught) on meduim graphics to 60-80 fps on holy **** graphics.
          But you have a P4 3.2 GHz 800FSB and Red_@y@s has an Athlon 2400+. You have enough CPU headroom to see a performance jump from a 9600 to a 6800 GT, but Red_@y@s doesn't.

          This article does a pretty good job of explaining how you need to match your CPU speed to your vid card.


            I have it on HOLY ***** and I get about 30 - 50 fps

            btw thanks for all ur help guy's


              -Check background operations while running the game. Is anything else using your CPU while running the game?

              -Check the .ini. Is AF cranked up? this makes for a big performance hit on Nvidia cards.

              -Check the driver setting. Under "Performance & Quallity" is it set to "Application Controlled" or do you set it manually. I found best performance under application controlled.

              I have a 5900 and run AF at 1 with Holy ***** settings @1600x1200 and get 30-50 on onslaught.... your CPU shouldn't be choking it THAT bad. So, yes you should be able to get better FPS.