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DM-Morpheus3, it could have been so simple...

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    DM-Morpheus3, it could have been so simple... make it play better.

    Yesterday I played DM-Morpheus3. And I think it doesn't play well because of the LowGrav settings.

    Then I had an idea...

    As a lot people seemed to like how my LowGrav DM-FST-SpaceNoxx plays I changed the Gravity of Morpheus3 from -375 to -550 (what my SpaceNoxx uses) and suddenly Morpheus plays a lot better.
    The only thing that must be changed is that the height of the Bonus-Items-Towers must be slightly reduced.

    And if the inner parts had less StaticMeshes (less work when mapping) I could DodgeJump around without getting stuck...

    It would have been soooooooooo siple to make DM-Morpheus3 a much better map.
    The Duke just didn't have to spend so much time on adding StaticMeshes and change one simple Gravity Volume...

    Time for DM-FST-Morpheus3...????

    I like Morpheus 3...somehow...I always win there


      if you always win there it's because that you have good aim :up:

      I like it there too, but they need a lightning gun on it, it's just sometimes coller then the sniper rifle

      P.S dont' tell flak i said that


        There is nothing wrong with dm-morpheus3, it's just perfect the way it is.. right now

        i play alot on ot and the low graf.. makes perfectly sense when u know the tricks jump to get fast at the PU's.
        it's just like in UT99

        sorry i disagree with u


          imho nothing wrong with the map.


            I think that DM-Morpheus3 is just right. I see no reason to change it.


              Sorry to sound blunt, but you can't polish a ****. At the end of the day, its still going to be an awful map



                For some reason I've always liked the morpheus maps, and Morpheus3 is no exception. It's good for your accuracy, although I can see how it frustrates and annoys people. I'm not one of them, however .


                  Originally posted by =NS=ReaperII
                  ...they need a lightning gun on it, it's just sometimes coller then the sniper rifle
                  I'm not a big low-grav fan, but I agree with this.^^^^

                  Morph's biggest problem is the sniper rifle. It would be a MUCH better map if it had the LG.


                    Morpheus3 is fine the way it is.

                    Get the shock rifle & send 'em flying. I love it.