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    No more propellant

    I don't know if any of you have been following John Carmack's X-Prize attempt, ArmadilloAerospace, but there is a pretty cool test-flight video on his site where it runs out of propellant 600ft in the air.

    ArmadilloAerospace Update

    Scroll down for the link to the mpg, it's only 4mb. I like the part where he is speaking about how at least Doom 3 is selling well

    and for those of you too lazy to scroll down past the text, here is the direct link:

    i think the whole project/idea is very cool. he is practically controlling this rocket from a laptop running linux, AND the engines are their own original hybrid design. to top it off, this is all from a man who is already a gaming legend, as we well know.


      SpaceShipOne and WhiteKnight from Scaled Composities will win x-prize easily...

      They already have made a sucessful flight into space.. that rocket wasn't even close to going into space.. and wtf no parachute?..


        yeah dude, i have been following this closely, and know all about spaceshipone, but thanks for the pics

        their design is very cool and they look likely to win, but then again they are being bank rolled by paul allen who made an initial investment of $20m, and the project is being led by burt rutan, an establsihed aerospace legend, so that is no suprise.

        my point was that john carmack is doing this more as a out-of-his-own-pocket back door hobby thing, but he has made some real progress and some of the things he has done can only be described as hard-core. it's obvious by this point that he is no longer a contender for the x-prize, but it doesn't mean he should be discounted completely.

        and ask yourself this, could burt rutan have acheived success if he had needed to design and write the doom 3 game engine on the side