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Are certain memory... Thingies better than others?

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    right now, Kingston is the king (no pun intended) of memory. Corsair is up there too, either one are great buys, but i wouldnt buy any third party sticks. go with Kingston


      You guys aren't gonna believe the irony of this:


      I downloaded some new drivers the other day... And, well... That happened when I tried to load up a game... Thoughts? Zingers? One liners?


        "The geforce FX Series of cards are groundbreaking and will trounce anything ATI come up with."

        "Nvidia's OpenGL drivers are 100% perfect and bug free."

        Both stated by the same Nvidia PR spokesperson.


          I got the PMI Turbo 1gig kit. In all the reviews it competes with all the other top names like OCZ and Corsair. There's not really much of a price difference for comparable sizes, speeds, and latencies.

          If all you want is stable RAM that performs well, plain jane Kingston will do it for you. If you want to overclock and stress your system go with More expensive stuff. 1 gig of good quality pc3200 RAM like OCZ will run between $230-$300 depending on different criteria. I think the PMI 2-3-3-6 pc3200 is $235. The OCZ 2-3-3-6 was $245 if I remember correctly.


            Oh christ... I'm browsing NewEgg and theres this pin number thing... My Motherboard is an Asus Sk8n... How am I supposed to know how many pins the thing has for RAM? (I forgot the slot name for RAM... All I can remember at the moment is PCI)