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Want three times as many keybinds?!

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    Or, you can turn on the nifty voice chat option that's built into the game to communicate to your team or everyone on the server. With a little bit of tweaking & a halfway decent mic / headset, it works great.


      Meh. Voicecomm people.

      Firstly, what you fail to understand is that keybinding is an old and elegant craft. Sure, it's getting more and more outdated every day... but that doesn't make it any less artful. It's an old- school skill that for some people is a safe and fun way to get into understanding how their .ini files work.

      Secondly, though it's old and clunky, there are times when it's still useful. One of my clans was started for a TC mod for UT. We've had connection speeds ranging from 56k and ISDN on up through cable (and sometimes even that has ridiculously low upload speed); we've never had fewer than 4 native languages, with members on both sides of the Atlantic generally connecting to the UK; and further, we've got several die- hard Mac users who, sadly, can't run anything but a crappy beta of RW... UT, if you'll recall, has no built in VOIP. Keybinds were the bread and butter of that clan, and helped make us respected and feared within our own small sphere of operations.

      Even in UT2k4 keybinds can be a good thing... I often don't run VOIP in pubs because of the people who want to sing Madonna songs constantly. :haha:

      So don't knock it... keybinding will probably go on being a useful thing for a few more years yet. :heart:


        Great idea, thanks
        Originally posted by Mohlraax
        anyone have a good list over all of those
        %A current adrenaline
        %S current shield
        %H current health
        %W current weapons
        %L location
        From the game manual


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            OMG Discord, sweet list! :up: Great speach bte to! A good point there... remember my first keybind madness from the UT99 era... learned alot! ... and thanks a mill. Zentak... maybe I should rtfm next time tho...! But, deos this mean if I type "say Wheres the action? Come meet me here: %L", it whould replace %L with my current location? Couse I couldnt get it working the last time... ah, guess I need to try it out a little more...

            ... and no problem SimonTheSaint... a Ferrari will do!


              This thing helped me alot since my mouse tilt now is Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V

              Is there a wat to remove the shutter though? looks like UT2004 skips a frame when I press/release Ctrl..




                  Is there any noticeable performance drop due to executing the alternate bind fles in-game?
                  For instance, it could provoke a temporary freeze while the system is fetching the file on the HD, and then while UT is reassigning the keys.


                    As I said it looks like the game skips a frame. Noting severel


                      Originally posted by KriLL3.2™
                      Is there a wat to remove the shutter though? looks like UT2004 skips a frame when I press/release Ctrl..
                      It's not possible. UT has to open the first file, execute the bind commands, close the file, execute your command, open the 2nd file, restore the binds, close the file.
                      I tend to use these advanced binds for not-so-often-used actions.


                        Another oft ignored tip is to ditch WASD as your movement keys, move to something more central and then you get a row of accesible keys to your left and right rather than just on the one side.

                        I know its obvious to those of us who've done it, but I still see some people complaining they cant bind all the weapons to easy reach keys and yet they insist on using WASD because that's what people decided was good all those years ago! Come on people - think for yourselves!



                          The larger the bind-file, the bigger the frame drop... and unfortaintly it doenst need to be to big to be anoying...

                          Its ok to bind like 2 or 3 I think, but I whould go to much over that on often used buttons... another way is to just bind the binds (if you know what I mean) to a button... like I did here:

                          Aliases[27]=(Command="ToggleScreenshotMode | OnRelease shot | OnRelease ToggleScreenshotMode",Alias="NoHUDShot")
                          Ctrl=set input F9 NoHUDShot|OnRelease set input F9 shot

                          ... I press F9 to take a screenshot, and Ctrl+F9 to take a screenshot with no HUD... usefull!


                            Originally posted by Turbidity
                            Whoa. Wait. So you're saying that since most pubbers refuse to read the chat, the solution is using teamspeak? If they're not reading text, they're DEFINITELY not going to dl teamspeak, find the server where the rest of the players on thier server are, and start chatting away.
                            No what Im trying to say is theres an easier solution than making complex binds PLUS if you use teamspeak and everyones on the same channel you hear only the communication you want to hear. ie) if you are pubbing with a friend and hes using t.s. with you, you can hop onto a server with a bunch of noobs talking and intsead of having to hear them, you turn off the voice recognition feature and stick to t.s.(I dont know about you but most of the time im on a pub server I find what people say pretty useless, unless they post their FC location or similar information) This might not work for everyone since not everyone has ts or wants to download it/ or has a server for it. Its just a matter of preference, but for me being in a clan and having quick access to it I can skip over messing with binds and having to change the layout for all of my weapons keys to accomodate for speech keys.


                              like it :up:


                                Nice guide, thanks.