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Want three times as many keybinds?!

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    Want three times as many keybinds?!

    I dunno if this is an old method or anything, but I just figured it, so I thought I'd share!

    What I think was a bummer with UT2004 from the beginning, was that it didnt alow alt/ctrlbinds! This was in the quake engine afaik, and I used it alot! Maybe they'll listen and include it in a patch or something, but in the meanwhile, fear not, mohlraax allready has the solution!

    All you need to do is this:

    First, create 3 .txt files... one named "ctrl_binds.txt" one "alt_binds.txt" and one last "def_binds.txt"!

    In the "ctrl_binds.txt", you ofcourse have your ctrl binds... open the file, and add the desireable commads. You can f.eks use this for teamtalk... make it look something like this:
    set input b teamsay I need backup!
    set input c speech OTHER 12
    set input l teamsay I take left!
    set input r teamsay I take right!
    set input m teamsay I take middle!
    set input e <--- I am here!
    ... do the same to your "alt_binds.txt" file, and last, make sure to backup all your default keys in the "def_binds.txt file"!! (you only need the ones you used for alt/ctrl binds ofcourse)

    Now, open "User.ini" and find "Alt=", and make it "Alt=exec alt_binds.txt|OnRelease exec def_binds.txt"... do the same to "Ctrl=exec ctrl_binds.txt|OnRelease exec def_binds.txt"

    Voila! You know have 3 times as many keys to bind! You can do this to all other keys to ofcourse... like right ctrl, or both the shift keys... just make sure you dont loose controll!


    ... btw, just realised maybe not everyone know what alt/ctrlbinds is.
    Well, it lets you have one command binded to lets say X, and anothe command binded to Alt+X, and yet anotherone to Ctrl+X!

    I thought atleast ONE person in here whould find this usefull...

    Anyways, here are the commands for all the speech binds...

    If you want to set a key to one of these, you will have to include "speech" in the command... like this: set input h speech OTHER 23

    Heres the list:

    Affirmative = 		ACK 0
    Got It = 		ACK 1
    I'm On It = 		ACK 2
    Roger = 		ACK 3
    Friendly Fire:
    I'm On Your Team! = 	FRIENDLYFIRE 0
    Your Team, Idiot! = 	FRIENDLYFIRE 1
    Same Team! = 		FRIENDLYFIRE 2
    Defend =		ORDER 0
    Hold this position =	ORDER 1
    Attack =		ORDER 2
    Cover me =		ORDER 3
    Search and destroy =	ORDER 4
    Base is undefended! =	OTHER 0
    Get our flag! =		OTHER 1
    Got the flag =		OTHER 2
    Got your back =		OTHER 3
    I'm hit! =		OTHER 4
    Man down! =		OTHER 5
    All alone! =		OTHER 6
    Negative! =		OTHER 7
    Got our flag =		OTHER 8
    In position =		OTHER 9
    I'm going in! =		OTHER 10
    Area is secure =	OTHER 11
    Enemy flag carrier =	OTHER 12
    Need backup =		OTHER 13
    Incoming! =		OTHER 14
    Enemy ball carrier =	OTHER 15
    Alpha secure! =		OTHER 16
    Bravo secure! =		OTHER 17
    Attack Alpha =		OTHER 18
    Attack Bravo =		OTHER 19
    Base under attack =	OTHER 20
    Being overrun =		OTHER 21
    Under heavy attack =	OTHER 22
    Defent point Alpha =	OTHER 23
    Defend point Bravo =	OTHER 24
    Get The Ball =		OTHER 25
    I'm on defence =	OTHER 26
    I'm on offence =	OTHER 27
    Take point Alpha =	OTHER 28
    Take point Bravo =	OTHER 29
    Medic =			OTHER 30
    Nice =			OTHER 31
    Rerouting Critical Systems = OTHER 32
    You Adept Well = 	OTHER 33
    And Stay Down = 	TAUNT 0
    Anyone Else Want Some? = TAUNT 1
    Boom! =			TAUNT 2
    BURN Baby =		TAUNT 3
    Die ***** =		TAUNT 4
    Eat THAT =		TAUNT 5
    You Fight Like Nali =	TAUNT 6
    Is That Your Best? =	TAUNT 7
    Kiss My *** =		TAUNT 8
    Loser =			TAUNT 9
    MY House =		TAUNT 10
    Next! =			TAUNT 11
    Oh YEAH! =		TAUNT 12
    Ownage =		TAUNT 13
    Seeya =			TAUNT 14
    That HAD To Hurt =	TAUNT 15
    Useless =		TAUNT 16
    You Play Like A Girl =	TAUNT 17
    You Be Dead =		TAUNT 18
    You Like That? =	TAUNT 19
    You ***** =		TAUNT 29
    Die Human =		TAUNT 21
    Faster Stronger Better = TAUNT 22
    Fear Me =		TAUNT 23
    Flesh Is A Design Flaw = TAUNT 24
    My Victory Your Death =	TAUNT 25
    Not Unacceptable =	TAUNT 26
    Rogue Process Terminated = TAUNT 27
    Witness My Perfaction =	TAUNT 28
    You Die Too Easily =	TAUNT 29
    You Make Easy Pray =	TAUNT 30
    Your Programming Is inferior = TAUNT 31


      You got the list of gestures (like throat cut and the others)?


        Originally posted by Mohlraax
        I thought atleast ONE person in here whould find this usefull...

        I think it's useful. Thanks.


          Nice work Mohlraax :up:


            Well... I dont think you can bind to gestures ingame, so I donne how I whould be able to find em! I only know the ones pre-binded with the game...

            Taunt pthrust
            Taunt asssmack
            Taunt throatcut

            ... btw, just realised maybe not everyone know what alt/ctrlbinds is. Well, it lets you have one command binded to lets say X, and anothe command binded to Alt+X, and yet anotherone to Ctrl+X!


              I knew this could be done, but wasn't quite sure how. I also wondered about the binds for speech etc...
              So thanks for spending the time and effort to post it all in two posts

              When switching between files does it cause any slowdown/hitches?


                me too ....i am playing with it now but i am worried about anti cc...


                  Thank you. That will likely come in handy. GJ


                    Originally posted by Magwa
                    me too ....i am playing with it now but i am worried about anti tcc...
                    ATCC won't stop you for this. Set commands are blocked by default but exceptions were made for several classes, including Input IIRC.


                      Originally posted by Oddside
                      When switching between files does it cause any slowdown/hitches?
                      Well, I havent made I realy long bindlist myself yet... but considered all the calculations this game gotta do every millisecons, I'm pritty sure this won't hurt you framerate at all!

                      ... and I strongly doubt antitcc will bother about keybinds!


                        GJ Mohlraax.

                        A clanmate of mine once devised the most complex set of exec binds I've ever seen... over 100 text files :weird:. It doesn't have to be that crazy, but it's pretty useful.

                        I recently worked up two sets of CTF binds that way, one for offense and one for defense, all on the Numpad and middlemouse button. Sooner or later I'll go ahead and add a DM set, which would be nothing but taunts... that way I won't keep accidentally saying "Enemy flag carrier is here!" in the middle of a TDM firefight. :haha:

                        You can find out the taunt anim commands the same way you found the speech commands, but you have to use KeyBindingPro to do it (that util. puts all those commands into a GUI-based binder).

                        And yeah, that list rocks. This evening I'll upload a textfile of it to my webspace.

                        @Magwa: AFAIK this setup is 100% Anti-TCC safe. I've had my set of .txt files in my System folder for a long time, and never encountered any problems.

                        *edit* @ framerate/ lag issues: My clanmate's ultracomplex set of binds was known to cause about a half- second freezup while the key maps were overwritten. My simpler examples have never caused that, though...


                          thanks alot!!! :heart:
                          i was loosing space on keys to bind!
                          :up: :up: :up: and a bump to you!



                            nice, thanks :up:


                              Three points:

                              1. you do not need CTRL or ALT, it works with every key (of course) so its much more than only 3 times
                              2. Binding complex binds is still broken. Epic "is fixing" this since ut2k3 already
                              3. As already said it takes a long time if there are many binds to write.

                              Due to 2. its somehow useless. I found its uses in binding CTF FlagCarrier Escaping/Incoming binds on same keys. 3-4 critical priority buttons saved.