No announcement yet. UT2k4 Comp - £230 to be won!

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new posts UT2k4 Comp - £230 to be won!

    Hey guys,

    UberWorld .net are hosting their very first UT2004 competition on the 18th August, with £230 up for grabs!

    The comp will take a 12 man deathmatch format, with the top 4 from each of the initial 9 matches going through to the semi final, and the top 4 from each semi playing in the final.

    Entrance is a mere £2.50, with the winner taking £200 and the other £30 being raffled off - every kill you get in the first round earns you a ticket, so everyone has a chance! There are 108 spaces, and although this isn't technically a LAN comp, it could be great fun to compete from a LAN with others!

    See for details and signup.