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Poll: Should Teambeacon Be An Option?

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    Er, don't vehicles already change color when someone gets into them?

    In any case I can make it so vehicles still display team beacons.


      do the vehicles change color when poeple get into them? really? i gotta double chek this...

      ...nah. they don't.

      but, DAMNIT, that stupid green health bar thing over the vehicles really perturbs me, though. can you kill that?

      i figure when a vehicle blows it blows. besides, when they're about dead they leave smoke trails, don't they?

      and think gameplay ... wouldn't it be cool to NOT know when someone's about to blow up? answer: HELL YES. i think bluffing would add a crunchy fat dynamic to onslaught.

      yeah. **** UGLY GREEN HEALTH BARS hafta go.


      1. red box for enemy vehicles.
      2. blue box for friendly vehicles
      3. NO box for people
      4. and NO **** UGLY GREEN HEALTH BAR THINGIES over the anything

      only four things to do and a hundred reasons to do it.

      what do you think?


        oh, but hey --- if you can nix the triangles over the people but keep triangles over the vehicles, that'd be cool, too.

        problem with the vehicles is that they're not differnet colors like folks in brightly colored uniforms. they need something to differentiate. if it hasta be those GOWD DAMNED TRIANGLES, so be it.


          neoflame, if you successfully get the money. Post here.

          This has got to be a joke.


            I'd better get the money... what began as 5 minutes of coding is turning into a major project

            zippofoe, I don't think I can remove the health bar, or implement configurable team beacons (no luck on that so far.) However, I probably can add the vehicle boxes (thanks to the UWiki.)

            Will report as the situation develops


              RIGHT ON! neoflame, OUTSTANDING WORK. no worries, just by nixing the damned triangles you've more than earned your hundred smackers, everything else Onsluaght is GRAVY at this point. keep up the good work.

              how's this for the name of the mutator?:

              the TeamBeaconizer
              PraiseLordJesusTheDamnedTrianglesAreGoneForeverHal lelujah!

              and to CH405: something tells me you'd be the kind of guy to offer up a pony and then not pay. you don't trust yourself, ya?


                The MipMaps on the player skins are one more reason for the bad visibility when the players are far away.
                The MipMaps are blurred automatically and so all the darker details blur into the Red and Blue areas of the skins.
                In reality these details do NOT blur into other areas but disappear from the eye as they are too small.
                Its like with sound: You cannot hear frequencies next to other frequencies if they are 10dB louder. They are covered by the louder frequencies. You cannot see small and dark details if they are next to bright planes.

                A manual or special routine for the MipMaps of Player skins would have helped alot (next to other things like the LOD stuff that makes the characters hardly visible when far away).


                  ****, fuegerstef, that's some hardcore **** you sputtered up. personally, i dont know what the beef is about all this non-visibuility jive. what's the big deal with having to see someone to the Nth degree?

                  i mean, i can spot at least if the dude is either red or blue from a reasonable distance. and if he's a different color than me i blast him.

                  also, i think -- in my opinion -- a lot of these players all sprung out over player visibility are just plain spoiled rotton. they want these great, fab-tab graphics than **** and moan because the gameplay isn't as boiled down as the Atari 2600 blox they grew up with.

                  to me, it's like, 'DUUUUUUDE. if you have a hard time seeing the guy, RUN YOUR *** UP TO HIM and find out. if he shoots you. shoot back. if you make an ID before he does, SHOOT him. otherwise, go play PONG and feel good about yourself.'

                  i just don't get the whole 'paint-by-the-numbers' gameplay. i'd rather just be immersed in the painting.

                  but's that's just my stinky opinion.

                  so NEOFLAME, keep KICKING *** and make the **** TRIANGLES GO AWAY. so far the survey says more than a third of folks want the option to TURN THE TRIANGLES OFF. THAT's great potential of folks to downloading this thing. think about that. a third of ut players downloading your work. THAT'S HUGE.

                  and you get 100 bucks, too. you're gonna be RICH and FAMOUS. NEOFLAME, get out the SHARPIE and start practicin' yer autograph


                    I'm sick of the standard stock maps, that's why we run new maps only servers...