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OT..AMD64 windows setup?

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  • OT..AMD64 windows setup?

    Hi there I have ordered an AMD64 mobo and C.P.U and have downloaded the windows 64 bit O.S. However when I try to read the setup info it says file not found? I have extracted them, but the read me files seem to be missing? How do I set this up if doing a clean install? Do I make a boot disk using the extracted files?

    The missing files are named: E:\srv03sp1_usa_1069_amd64fre_pro\Read1st.txt & E:\srv03sp1_usa_1069_amd64fre_pro\Relnotes.htm

    Any help would be most appreciated.


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    Bump. Please help


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      People here can help you with UT issues, not Windows beta OS install problems. Not trying to be rude, you'd just probably get a better response on a non-gaming forum.


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        First off which OS did you download (server 2003 or XP 64bit) and what format did you choose.

        You should have an ISO format image. You should just need Nero or another CD burning package to burn the windown install CD.

        If you are missing files then it could be a corrupt image, if you have broadband try downloading it again.

        Before you install it on your new machine, make sure you have all the drivers you need MAKE SURE THEY ARE THE 64BIT VERSIONS some standard drivers will work but some wont, others totally mess up windows.

        The install works in the same was as any windows installation.

        PM me if you need further help


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          Originally posted by senshu
          People here can help you with UT issues, not Windows beta OS install problems.
          :up: :up: