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OK, this is the last one, i promise.

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    OK, this is the last one, i promise.

    Hi guys ive spent a week in hell tring to buy a new computer. Ive tried my best to research and learn about where technology is at and what is good and what isnt. I owe alot to you guys in helping me with this.

    My current system is (for the last 6 years)
    1.1ghz Celeron
    Gegorce2 mx/mx440
    56k modem
    etc etc ect.

    I have went to every Custom build site in the uk and i have finally(i hope) found a good computer for my budget. Bear in mind alot of these sites use generic and poor quality components, i THINK i have found a good quality deal.
    Please give me some feedback on this as i dont want to waste my money.

    JeanTech Phong Case (With 2x 120mm blue LED & Fan controller Upgrade)

    420w HiperPowerQuiet Dual Fan Power Supply Unit with
    action Fan Control

    AMD ATHLON 64 3200+

    ASUS KV8 Motherboard

    1Gb Corsair Twin-X PC3200 Cas 2 Platinum Extreme XMS Memory
    (2x512Mb Matched Pair Sticks for Optimum Performance)

    Elite PC Systems AGP/PCI Twin Fan Cooler with Blue LED's

    HIS Excalibur ATi Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition Pro Ice-Q

    160Gb Western Digital Hard Drive (7200rpm, 8Mb Cache

    Samsung 52x Speed CD-R/RW (Black)

    Sony DWU-18A DVD-RW +\- Dual Format 8 Speed

    17" Hyundai Q770S Silver/Black DynaFlat-X CRT Monitor
    Maximum Resolution - 1280x1024

    Windows XP Professional
    Norton Internet Security 2004 Professional
    Norton SystemWorks 2004 Professional
    Nero 6 Ultra Edition 2004 & PowerPack
    Microsoft® Office 2003 Professional Edition
    3 year RTB warranty

    For £1276.


    Re: OK, this is the last one, i promise.

    Originally posted by Holy Red
    Honestly, do you really expect anyone to say no? Really, this looks like yet another sys spec brag thread.


      yeah, except for the windows xp bit...


        It is not a specs brag. I am very new to this, all i want is some advice. All i want to know is whether the components are good. I know the video card is good, but its the other things im worried about. I dont even have it yet.

        I am currently using, and have done for 4 years.

        1.1 celeron
        Geforce2 mx/mx400.

        This computer serves me well, but apparently its ****.
        If i came here bragging then i wouldnt hold back dude, id BRAG.
        Thats not what this thread is about, all i want is some advice.


          is the drive DVD as well? its really gonna be a necessity in the future im guessing and it looks like your gonna have that new rig for a while


            yeh, it has a 52xCD RW and a 12x DVD RW.

            Thanks Cold.

            You are proof this forum isnt completely infested with negativity.


              Looks good. :up:



                but dont expect it all to run ut well!! lol

                some of the best spec'd pcs have more trouble then my humble pc

                2.4ghz athlon xp
                gefore fx5200 * (to be upgraded next month - to what, im not sure)

                1024mb ddr ram

                win xp pro
                audigy 2 zx 7.1
                creative inspire t7700 7.1 speakers
                17" dell monitor (yuk - again to be replaced next year when money lets me)

                asus a7s333 mobo

                logitech optical mouseman and cordless keyboard

                some un-branded 52x24x52 cd-rw
                unbranded dvd rom

                adsl internal pci modem w/512k connx

                crappy old computer desk

                peeling wallpaper

                smelly cat

                you get the idea


                  Yeah, that looks like a smokin fast computer. I have an asus Mobo too & love it. My only qualm would be about the monitor - I'd go 19 inch - it's not too much more money, and makes a big difference. The monitor is not a place to pinch pennies, because its 'really' what you are looking at all day.! With top of the line-everything else, why not a 19in?


                    lol, sounds similar to my current rig.

                    Did i mention that ive had 56k for 5 years, wednesday is the day when i becomes available for the first time in my area. So ill be going from a 1.1celeron Geforce2 system(17fps with everything off and on lowest possible) with 56k, to that rig and broadband.

                    Im excited to see the difference, as ive never even used a computer better than my current one, so i have no idea what it will be like.


                      of course. should get you 100+ fps in offline dm


                        ill take it


                          The monitor was a difficult decision. I am on an extremly TIGHT bugdet. My family are pretty poor. The only reason i can get this is because i invested $25 into online poker and turned it into $2500(i am a amazing Poker player). So this is my limit. Ive toyed with the idea of holding back on some other aspects of the spec to get a better monitor, but its not worth dropping the performance.

                          Its only a matter of time before i win some more $$$ and upgrade the monitor.


                            just one thing, in your 1st post you say

                            'My current system is (for the last 6 years)
                            1.1ghz Celeron
                            Gegorce2 mx/mx440
                            56k modem
                            etc etc ect. '

                            but in your 2nd post you say 'I am currently using, and have done for 4 years.

                            1.1 celeron
                            Geforce2 mx/mx400.'

                            and another 1 you say you've had 56K for 5 years??

                            make ya mind up lad:P:bulb: :bulb:


                              I don't think that i saw mouse in that upgrade... while you are @ it het yourself logitech mx510 and good mouse pad. Otherwise it looks good.