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Please help. Logitech Z-680 and Audigy 2 ZS

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    Please help. Logitech Z-680 and Audigy 2 ZS

    Case 1: How do I connect these two digitally?

    Case 2: Connecting the Z-680 to my onboard nForce SoundStorm digitally is easy, but I'm not happy with the white noise from the speakers when idle. Faulty? Please advice.

    Case 3: To anyone having the same setup, which "soundoption" do you use for Unreal engine games?

    Thank you for reading.


    I believe the Audigy 2 ZS has a digital out. Purchase a digital coaxial cable and a mono-to-mono plug adapter, which converts it from coaxial to a 1/8 inch jack. That should allow for a digital connection between the two...(and make sure to turn off the sound card decoding and turn on digital output only).

    As for the white noise, I had the same problem as well. Call up Logitech Customer Support and they'll send you a whole new control pod with updated firmware, free of the white noise. Takes about a week or so, but ultimately, it's worth the wait.

    As for a soundoptino for Unreal games, the only plauisble choice would be EAX, with the CMSS 2 surround sound upmixer. If you mean sound option as in sound input/effect controlled via the control pod, use Direct Input with 6 channel direct sound. IT's the best option for most games.


      I get noise on my ZS when the Line2 input volume is set too high. I have it muted when not in use. Problem solved.

      What inputs do the 680s have? I was under the impression that they had a digital coax and/or optical on them. The ZS has both.

      As for the sound options. If you really like the VoIP then 3D sound is the only choice. Using EAX breaks the VoIP.