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Macintosh OS X Framerate tweak: new OpenAL

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    Macintosh OS X Framerate tweak: new OpenAL

    Ryan Gordon ( has a solution I found that helps framerates. He's the mac coder that is working on the final UT X port, and did the port for AA, and many other significant projects. I think he's doing the G5 optimization for UT2K3 as well, although I'm not sure.

    Anyhow, he has an audio tweak (OpenAL) that results in MUCH less CPU load, and I have confirmed on my slow comp, and I'm sure it will be nicer on faster rigs.

    The file is here.
    Use Stuffit Expander, and you get a file called: openal.dylib

    For both AA & UT2K3, replace the old openal.dylib file in the game's SYSTEM folder. (You will have to control-click the game icon, and select "show package contents" to access this folder.

    more info is on his finger archives: 8/8/2003 and 8/3/2003

    here's a summary from Ryan:

    Please note that this can be used to get you a better framerate in
    ut2003, too...we're still spending about 7% of our CPU time just feeding
    the audio device, which is not good. When I get around to the redesign I
    was threatening, that 7% should drop to more like 0.1%. Still, the
    current UT2003 version (which is a different codepath completely), is
    sitting at 20 to 25 percent right now, so it's still a clear win for all
    users, regardless of audio hardware, to use this.

    Note that the 7% is spent in a separate thread, so dual CPU systems won't
    see as dramatic a benefit as single CPU systems. Also, certain codepaths
    will perform better due to Altivec optimizations on certain
    conditions...but it SHOULD still work and give a speed boost over the
    original version even on a G3.

    OT: How well does a G4/G5 run with UT2k3?


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        OpenAL update (oct 12) from Ryan Gordon at:

        better yet use this link, which I think is the compiled version (although I'm not sure, it is dated Oct 12, whereas the previous file is dated Aug 7):

        He's also working on the G5 optimization for ut2k3, and i believe other issues like the radeon hardware bug with panther in ut2k3.