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Music: Hyperblast vs. Hyperblast redux

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    Played UT99 yesterday against a clanmate and I instantly realised that one of the only things that UT99 has over UT2004 is the audio... Not just the music but the sounds in general... Just using the shock for example, it brought a smile to my face by simply firing it, it just felt so much more powerful. The sounds in UT2004 feels toned down compared to the ones in UT99, smothered and to refined for it's own good. The UT99 weaponsounds are harder, more metallic, whereas the ones in UT2004 are soft almost like plastic...

    The music is better as well, but that is mostly because I simply like the style of the UT99-music better less quakelike ^^


      Originally posted by Boksha
      But... but... the violin riffs.

      And Saito, when I play 1on1 or TDM I'll turn the music off as well. For FFA DM, ONS and CTF I prefer it on though. However, considered the quality of the music in UT2k4 I'll leave the volume on 0.
      Well, maybe I should apologise for my previous post if it sounds too harsh, it's just that I don't understand why people have the need to compare UT music to UT2003/4's. Kevin's style is different. He goes his own way and doesn't need to immitate Siren and Michiel. You can either accept it or not.

      I liked (and still do) both UT's and UT2003/4's music, but Kevin's stuff is somewhat closer to me (probably because I totally adore instrumental scores from movies and some games). One thing that should probably be noted is that the technologies for creating music on PC's and incorporating it in games have advanced since 1998 and I'm quite certain that if Siren and Michiel got to score Epic's new stuff, the results would be different from what they've done for Unreal and UT.

      Since Epic chose Kevin for UT2004 too, I guess he must have done something right with UT2003.


        Does anyone have a link to a remix of BotPack10?
        I just love that one.


          Ndombolo is better : )