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What are your favorite SNEAKY techniques in ONS?

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    Put 8 spider mines with 1 grenade stuck to each of them on the wing of your manta, then guide it to an active enemy node and bail.


      Originally posted by Cythes
      Hmm, stupid yet amusing tactics part eleventeen:

      Climb to the top of a map in a Scorpion and rain grisly green atrillery fire down on the nodes from behind a hill (yes you heard me right, the scorpion is an artillery vehicle!! ).

      Artillery fire with the AR secondary on powercores (easily done on torlan, redplanet, Tropica, anywhere where the core is out in the open).

      Putting sticky nades on your spider mines and sending them off behind some poor fools base one by one :up:.

      Quadruple AVRIL attack on tank. This isn't one shot at a time, just fire your AVRILS up into the air and have them track somebody, then fling all of em down on the tank.

      SGA Psycho monkey style on vehicles: Always stupid, but enjoyable none the less:

      Hit manta with shock or LG, fully charge SG and wait for the manta to run you over (you end up blowing up the manta).

      Approach other vehicles with more caution and do super tank shot jumps to get to the tank with minimum damage.

      Pull up shield, jump just as shot hits you. If you have 100 health and you block it right you'll go flying. Requires an inordinate anmount of practice to get down also.

      Flipping hellbenders while in the manta.
      HOW TO:
      Jump when you hit a corner and get part of the fan under the bender.

      Tank flying, Manta lifts, levi boosting etc... all exploits with vehicle on vehicle action are funny.

      Annihilus for shame! You shouldn't even let them know about redplanet. Now people are going to look for it!

      /me hits Anni over the head with a gutted palm pilot

      And lastly and most annoying:
      Getting INTO the enemy powercore and opening fire on it from the inside.
      i highly doubt ppl will be ble to figure it out


        Slightly OT, but my favorite strategy in AS-RobotFactory is to sneak past EVERYONE on the far right and get the first objective in under a minute. It's usually best when there's a moderate amount of people playing, because there's more people on your team to serve as distractions. Everyone's focusing on the link turrets in the middle, while I dodge-jump past everything out of view. It's not easy since usually someone sees you... plus you have to try to hide from the link turret that's guarding the objective. But I've done it a few times.