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Got my new Graphics Card

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    What the...-=BT=-joepjens, you can't quote yourself in your sig!!!


      £400 = ~670 euros/dollars, was the purpose of this thread to announce how you were ripped off? :bulb:
      The most expensive XT's I've seen here were like 540 euros. :up:


        Originally posted by Big_Shaft
        what's scnr?
        sorry could not resist



          Man... I'd never pay £400 quid for a GFX card. £150 is my limit. (and a sensible one it is too!)

          I've just taken reciept of a new Radeon 9800 Pro (128mb) - for £117 + vat + p+p =£140.

          It's doubled the performance of my machine. My brother can at last throw out his old GeForce 2 MX (lol) and have my 'old' Radeon 9500 Pro. Aren't I nice!!!?!?


            Re: Got my new Graphics Card

            Originally posted by Nightmeare
            Asus Radeon X800XT 256MB DDR3 AGP, ATI X800XT, VIVO

            and it is kicking *** wort the 400£
            Its an excellent card I have the same thing and its sweet as hell..but christ did you get ripped off i got mine for 254£ aorund some more mate lol


              î wenrnt riped off i did not pay the store did 4 me got it for free bez i worked there for 2 weeks as a school project at the end he gave it 2 me as a thankz...


                well as long as you got it free good on ya..but still 400£ that is insanely over priced lol


                  Got mine a few days ago and here's the results:

                  Before: ATI 9700 PRO (oc'd 371.25 / 324)

                  After: Xtasy X800 PRO (oc/d 499.50 / 499.50)

                  I'm able to run with HOLY POOPER settings and use 4XTemporal AA without dropping under 85 online now!