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    Originally posted by yewnuhtee
    danseko, i want to send you on a mission, i want you to go outside at a time where theres usually lots of people running/moving about, and ask them if they know about valve and source code.. then ask them about 9/11 and terrorists and where they stand on the fact of many people in iraq being disfigured because of u.s. bombing.. i bet you that very little will have any clue about valve and the source code, but very.. very many will have their heads set on where they stand about our bombing iraq

    so where are the priorities now? just because you tend to stay circled around a gaming community more than a general public, doesnt mean your statements are facts
    Hehe! :haha:
    The priorities-comment was directed at a guy who spent his
    entire supply of energy that day flaming a leak-poster, it was not directed at the public in general.


      oops I just found out I was wrong... it was 1 hour 48 minutes... not 42 min.