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I need a few stalwart testers.. [Updated: Sep 11]

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    Ok, was away from The Beast for a while, but now I'm back working on it. I didn't do too much, but what I did, I feel is worthy of some sort of notice of updation or whatever.

    I messed with the JLinkGun again, mostly aesthetic, but have a few things I want to work into it, and the groundwork for that is in place. (one needed change that I did.. Gun is louder. You can hear the **** thing from further away. Loud is Good. [different sound, too])

    Changed the HUD so the weapon bar is the one from Unreal Safari, since I really like that one a lot, and it took a while for me to get it like I wanted it. So I stole my own code and voila! (as they say)

    Map included is J2CTF-Jetsam, it's not great, but it works. It's also a vehicle test bed for Hellbenders and Scorpions, to see if they unbalance it too much. I don't think they do, but what do I know? I'm a pubber. [edit: this was also in Test 6, but it's a small map file, and I'm cramped for sitespace, so hey..]

    There could be a bunch of other changes, or none. Been a month since I updated last, so I don't remember what has been tweaked and what hasn't, since then.

    Dicky B (see sig link for DL info and stuff. And like it says in the readme, ignore the sliding stuff. Doesn't work yet.)

    ps-if you dodge and then jetpack, you go real fast. That's something I made sure *worked*.


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        Originally posted by Trailboss3
        Link does't work for me
        Really. Odd. Let's just try this then. No different than the sig link, you mean the sig link or links within the site? They work for me, so, I dunno what's up (or not up).

        Dicky B (anyone else having this prob?)


          Edit: Never mind, got it:up:
          Edit2: Fixed


            I thought I ganked all the old links out of the thread.. gaaaaaaah!

            Dicky B (that's why I moved it into the sig, less looking)

            [edit: jeebus, I didn't get ANY out in this thread. I must have been thinking about Safari. fixed.]

            [edit2: And dammit, kill that dead link. ]