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Flag just returns when droped

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    Originally posted by Jelo
    Well, wouldn't you just go over all the BSP seams or something? Maybe hide all SMs from view and then check to see where the BSP seams meet up on the playing surface?
    I understand you can't see them in-game or you'd have a HOM effect, wouldn't you? Well, maybe not if the hole was being blocked by a SM?
    Not sure yet as I'm just starting to get interested in mapping, so I'll be learning about all this.
    Pretty sure that all of the times it's happened to me were on maps with either just terrain or both terrain and BSP such as lavagiant where it has terrain and buildings(sometimes terrain carved from BSP, but I understand that's the mapper's choice?).
    Bottom line is it's the mapper's fault. :P They, like, suck er something.
    You hit the nail on the head... You have to do what your saying. Problem is that many maps have overlapping BSP alot because most mappers are not that careful about their BSP cuts. To get the best results, you have to make the BSP match exactly, or else you will get all sorts of weird stuff, especially in single player with bots. Additionally, some maps are built with almost entirely BSP and are a pain to find the cut causing the problem. Additionally, the problem becomes as to what to do with the BSP problem once you find it... you cant just delete them or you will mess the map up. Usually you have to either cut them or something and hope and pray that more BSP holes don't show up. For the most part, these kind of problems, depending on the map of course, are a MAJOR pain to fix. The rule of thumb I always follow is get your cuts for BSP right the first time or you will regret it. This means, no overlappng BSP stuff. Its a good tip for new mappers.