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Flag just returns when droped

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      well he postd here while I was playing on my server... So we know hes up and could've gotten on but he's just another sh*t talkin lil punk *** noob and didnt step up... sad...



        sorry I have a few things to do here today ...but at least it gives you time to sort out your server.

        btw that macho tuff talk suits you :haha:


          no need to sort out my server its fine noob... finer then you and your excuses.. got time to read and post on the forums but not to step up...

          Originally posted by Kev5n24


            well if the maps actually work when I come to slap your ***.....all the better.
            lol noob admins with a complex ...grrrr


              So much time.. so little ballz...


                oh no I am feeling the urge to join the server.........

                10/10 for the effort

                I just had a look at it luck the ping is around 180/210 for me to play you.

                shame it could have been fun kicking your ***.


                  kevs a nice guy isnt he? Im suprised more people arent dropping by to try and help. No wait, im not.

                  Good luck buddy.


                    ahh and yet more excuses....
                    Not that your smart enough to understand it let along take it but heres some advice kid..
                    Grow a set,.. stop making excuses for why you can't compete.. And no one thinks your pictures are funny.. stop posting them, just look at um on your own sh*t PC no one here cares.


                      Originally posted by Orbital
                      kevs a nice guy isnt he? Im suprised more people arent dropping by to try and help. No wait, im not.

                      Good luck buddy.
                      I'm a nice guy to the folks who actually did try and help weather they did or not and to those who actually did help like BroMacK.

                      I'm not a nice guy to noobs like whatshisface who come here only to blow his own horn and offer nothing to the point of this tread, witch has long been resolved now it's just me talkin n00b boy into the ground cuz it's fun to do on my day off


                        lol you want to join a Euro server for a slapping ?

                        200+ ping insta is about as funny as my pics
                        (but you can think its because your a scary guy and all that macho ****)

                        nearly forgot....

                        noob boy:haha: --->


                          u guys suck :haha:


                            Dang... I get home from work to check to see if my tip helped and find that this freakin thread turned into a ghey junior high kid battle. Please tell me all of you have more maturity than this.


                              Well, since you asked.
                              I am more mature than those 2 guys, but only most of the time, and not by much.
                              Anyway, I don't even remember what this thread was supposed to be about.
                              *Reads topic*

                              Oh yeah, the flag thingy.

                              *Ponders about mentioning how the dropped flag is supposed to return after a while, but decides not to, to prove he's mature*


                                First of all, thanks BroMack for the reply to the thread. That explains it pretty well and that it's not necessarily anything that you can do anything about. At best, you could try to find where all of these anomalies might be and avoid dropping the flag at those locations...not something I'm keen to do.
                                I'll just take the risk of having the flag returned upon drop if I get killed or drop the flag intentionally or by accident.

                                te®m, those pics made me laugh pretty hard...nice ones. Monty, perhaps?

                                And Kev, I can't resist replying to your direct insults directed at me.
                                I don't play IG, I play EO and I'm not a noob, although I am guilty of "tooting my horn" and for that I apologise. My bad. Though I don't feel the need to explain myself to you, you don't hafta be such a flamer about it(pun intended). I mean really, just look at yourself and how hypocritical you're being all challenging people and tooting your own horn.
                                Guess that's all I hafta say.
                                Peace and thanks again BroMack.