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    not in UT I'm afraid, can't play online...(Well, can, but LLLAAAAAAAGGGGG)

    Wheel of Time, best match I ever had, in Citidel (picture capture the flag with multiple flags, and you have to get all of them. (flags work for both teams, teams start with two each, you need four to win)..

    anyhoo, three members on my team, four on theirs...

    one INSANE match that lasted over two hours non stop. every time they got a seal, we got one of theirs...we were ALL very good players, so good that any one on either team could take on two of the other...whew...that was rough.
    We could bearly get to their base due to their extra player. in WoT you can spawn one minion to help you, one of each class, minion, gaurd, and champion. the champions are more then a match for a regular player. they spawned FOUR in our base...
    then another time, they all stocked up on auras of unraveling (create a room sized semi-sphere that cancels out all weapons) and made a chain of them all the way from our base to theirs, meaning we were powerless to stop them.
    luckliy, as their whole team was involved, one of our guys snuck into their base, past the defences, and took one of theirs...all that work for nothing...LMAO!

    man that was a great match!

    anyhoo, about two hours, 30 minutes into the game, a fourth player (average) joined our team, we won about 10 minutes later...

    best match EVER.


      Originally posted by FLAGEL
      I don't want to be an *** or anything
      Kinda sounds like you were born that way...we won't hold it against you.