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UT2k3 CTF / Systemic

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    UT2k3 CTF / Systemic

    Any CTF players looking to try something new try the systemic mutator . It adds large Mechs to the game that can be entered or exited like a vehicle. This adds a little twist to CTF strategy speed verses ground pounding steel. These mechs are armed with dual chain guns or dual rocket launchers. I have a server running in Dallas TX it pings well anywhere in the US

    IP Address: ( it is a passworded server password = winston )

    I have played a server with teh mut. It is ok. Just not my type. Maybe if the maps were designed for it better, but overall I like reg CTF better.

    But it was funny I was entering a server and DL 20+ megs of stuff, and I am like WTF does this server have. Then when I entered I was just like "wow".